Maha Shivaratri 2017

Thank you Lizyaka Demenkova for pictures!

March 2017

Thank you Lizyaka Demenkova for pictures!

About prophets, believes and hopes of any guru

Q: There are prophets and false prophets – how do you make a difference? A: Only a false prophet will proclaim himself a prophet. We have a saying in India: respect is commanded, you can not demand it. If your actions are respectable people will automatically respect you. You can not walk around ...

Shailendra Sharma’s Biography Important Dates

  1. Childhood, youth, college (till he began practicing yoga) (1957-1978). Bhopal, Gwalior   1957, 10 July – Shailendra Sharma was born in Bhopal, India.   1968 – The family moved to Gwalior, India.   1971 – Having a vision: Shiva was looking at him from the ...

The Yogi Way

From the time immemorial only Yogis are known to survive without working. If you want to be a yogi, you should leave your family, society, community behind, go into the jungle, find a competent Guru, and do nothing to earn money - only to get food and bed. That will enable you to have a purely ...