Q: if the person see in the dream that he is flying or diving?

Guruji: most of them are astral experiences, because in the dream we’re seeing dead people also. We talk also with them.

Q: if you see your own death – it is your spiritual development?

Guruji: in India it is saying: if sick man seeing his own death – it might be little bit serious, but if a healthy person seeing his death – it increases his life. This is what we believe.

Q: if we not seeing the dreams?

Guruji: many doctors saying that if you’re not dreaming – then you will be mad person. You may remember them, you may not remember them – that is the difference.

Q: how we can separate simple remembering of the day or week from real astral experience in the dream?

Guruji: dream is real experience. You’re going to sleep here and waking up there. go to sleep there and wake up here – like pendulum thing.

Q: if you’re going to the same place in a dream once in a week or month?

Guruji: you’re really going there. your astral body knows what for.