Question: Sometimes we make mistakes and chose the wrong decisions – how to feel it?

Guruji: If you will go deep inside your heart – deep down you will discover it. As long as you will continue react to the society different pattern – you will never discover what you really want. Only when you stop reacting to people and society. You see – most of our social behavior is reaction to something. When you will stop reacting, be still, and go deep down inside you – then you will discover, why you are here.

Question: Does it come with practice?

Guruji: Of course! Only with practice you will stop reacting, start thinking and go deep inside your consciousness, your mind – you will discover so many things about you. Self-realization is very important. It’s another simplification: ‘’ I’m not the body, I’m the spirit’’. But we need body experience.

Question: Why we learn lessons only through suffer?

Guruji: Because suffer makes us serious; before everybody is taking everything like a joke or a play. One slap on the cheek makes you sober and you start to think very seriously. Every suffering is a slap from someone.

Question: So no need to give another cheek?

Guruji: Yes; according to the religion you should put another cheek and if you receive a slap even there and no free cheeks left – you’re free to beat that person. There was discussion: one man said – not many people understand me. I said to him: I’m very sorry, but do you understand yourself? That’s the point. Everybody learn to understand you the day you start understanding yourself. First – understand yourself, then hope for others.