Male: Guruji, when you first entered this spot, this building, how many ghosts were here?

Guruji: It was full of them.

Male: All of them gone or some of them still somewhere here?

Guruji: Only, the royal family spirits are there mostly now. But all those useless ghosts have run away.

Female: Are there holy spirits also in the territory?

Guruji: Of course, they are actually here.

Male: And what do you mean by royal family?

Guruji: Those who were cremated here.

Male: But you said when somebody is cremated his spirit is free and get another birth – body.

Guruji: It is for a common man, those who are cremated in a common Samshan where on top of them thousands others will be cremated, but here the cremation is special, the place is marked and a monument is built on it. They have – they are much more powerful spirits, exclusive cremation point.