Shailendra Sharma is an original and witty philosopher whose views on consciousness, nature and human being originate from revelations of yoga practice. Shailendra’s ideas are clearly expressed in his commentaries on the fundamental sacred texts of Hinduism, but are not exhausted by these works.


Disciples who come to Shailendra to share with him their practise experiences as well as other seekers of truth from all over the world, receive an answer to different questions – everyday and global – while discussing various topics with Shailendra and having a cup of tea, as it usually goes in his house at the Govardhan smashan.


At this web-site we posted, with Shailendra’s consent, the dictaphone transcriptions of some conversations with him, that had been recorded by his disciples during the last five years.


These conversations were held in different time and by different people, but for your convenience we combined them due to a certain subject.


Though these thoughts were addressed to certain people in answer to their certain questions, we are sure that every penetrating reader whose mind is open to new ideas will find here something useful and important.


We are very grateful to everyone who recorded, transcribed and translated into Russian the materials presented below.