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Film «Guru»

Director: Vitaly Kalinin

Babaji Puja, Govardhan, November 2010

Pay attention to a strange phenomenon: Babaji's eyes literally light up at 0:26 0:39 and 1:19. Or is it just a trick of the light?..

Film Trailer

The trailer of the film about Shailendra Sharma.

Film about Guruji

Famous film director Vitaly Kalinin is making the film about Guruji. He already shooted Schereder, Chancellor of Germany, Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin, President of Russia, and now he is ready to film even Shailendra Sharma in shmashan. Film was started in August 2013 in ...

Interview with Shailendra Sharma

Kriya Yoga, The practice

Photo Slideshow

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