Q: There are prophets and false prophets – how do you make a difference?

A: Only a false prophet will proclaim himself a prophet. We have a saying in India: respect is commanded, you can not demand it. If your actions are respectable people will automatically respect you. You can not walk around demanding respect.

Q: People say you never made any mistakes – is it true?

A: I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. But I am not a prophet. I am only responsible for the people I have initiated. But we are not creating any new religion; we are simply following a certain discipline. This discipline will create many things in the Time. Also, when you become a part of any organization, you subconsciously accept that you will never go beyond the level of the founder, the leader of this organization. Here you are following your own life course, whatever your interests or religious beliefs are. In India we believe that if your disciple surpasses you, or your son does – it is the best achievement for any guru.

Q: Do you think one of your disciples can surpass you?

A: I definitely hope so. That would be the fulfillment of hopes for any guru. I said it before and I will say it again: I do not need followers, I want people who can challenge me. By following people are creating mental barrier, they will always remain followers. It is against everything I am trying to teach. It is my goal that every disciple will surpass my achievements in anything I am trying to do – and you should go beyond my level and try to achieve more and more, and more…The path is infinite – and I would say: go on, carry on.