1. Childhood, youth, college (till he began practicing yoga) (1957-1978). Bhopal, Gwalior


1957, 10 July – Shailendra Sharma was born in Bhopal, India.


1968 – The family moved to Gwalior, India.


1971 – Having a vision: Shiva was looking at him from the top of the Himalayan Mountains.


1978 – Graduation from the college of Gwalior with a degree in political science.



2. First years of yoga practice, a search for a guru (1978-1982). Gwalior, Puri


1978 – Acquaintance with “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda; death of several of his relatives at the same period. All these made him think about the mysteries of life and death. He passed all the exams to join Indian Army, but at the last moment he refused to serve in the army.


1979 – First out-of-body experience.


1980 —  First ritual bathing during Kumbh Mela festival (Ujjain). Leaving his home for Puri to find a guru of kriya yoga.


1981, March – 1982, March – Living in Yukteshwar Giri’s ashram in Puri.


1981 – Decision to go into jungle and abstain from eating until somebody offers him some food.


1981 – Refusal to use siddhas and black magic.


1982, 30 September – First meeting with Shri Satyacharan Lahiri.


1982, 1 October – Initiation.



3. Kriya Yoga Education (Shri Satyacharan Lahiri) (1982-1986)


1984, 28 April – Shri Satyacharan Lahiri made Shailendra Sharma a guru.


1985, November –Seeing of his future, the palace and his sister Devahuti in a dream.


1985 – First samadhi.


4. Life in Gwalior (1986-1990)


1987 – His guru, Shri Satyacharan Lahiri, died.


1988, February — Second ritual bathing during Kumbh Mela festival (Allahabad). Going to Varanasi, coming back to Gwalior and starting to build a country house.


1988, 2 April – Meeting with Babaji: great yogi taught Shailendra some new techniques.


1988 – Trip to Rishikesh, living in an ashram.


1988 – 1990 – Building the country house.



5. Living in a country house and search for a new house (1990 – 1993)


around 1992 – Writing a yogic commentary on Bhagavad Gita.

5 books in 14 months:

“I wrote 5 books in 14 months. My commentary on Bhagavad Gita was written in 21 days, Yoga Darshan – in 4 days, Shiva Sutras – in one day, 54 poems of Putnik – in 3 days; and Some Flowers and Some Thorns also.”


1992 – Procession to Shiva temple at Shivaratri.


1992, 2 October – Leaving home and beginning to search for the palace he saw in his dream.


1993, February – A farewell parikrama in Vrindavan.


6. Smashan (1993 — )


1993 – A son of a raja gave Shailendra Sharma the palace. Shailendra began beautification works to return the holy land its original state. In the following years he planted thousands of trees and flowers, and installed drip irrigation.


1995, 27 November – Finding of a Shakti statue; meeting with a serpent of the kund.


1995, July – The raja died, last cremation of raja on smashan.


1995, 21-22 December – Second meeting with Babaji.


around 1995-1996 – Opening a gym for locals.


around 1996 – Shailendra’s photos were placed near Hanuman images (Gwalior).


1996, June – During a long drought Hanuman suggested him to invite Yamuna river.


1997 – Trip to South India where he was accepted as a saint.


1998 — Third ritual bathing during Kumbh Mela festival (Haridwar).


1998 — Finding a natural Shivalingam.


1998 – Meeting with Ganganath.


2000, 16 June – Meeting with Matsiendranath; starting to wear kundals.


2002, 29 June – Magnetic resonance tomography: he showed how to perform khechari mudra and Om sign in his brain.


2008, 15 April – Mattress factory fire: while the whole factory was burnt down, Bhagavad Gita with Shailendra’s commentaries as well as his photos stayed untouched.