The first word in Indian mythology was when Shiva woke up from his Samadhi and saw there was nothing and sounded his drum — that was the first word. All languages came out of it and Om also came out of it. That’s why we sound dаmaru while doing Shiva worship.


Every sound is a different angle of Om, every sound which is being made in the world, even by creatures, animals, everybody. Everybody is using a part of Om.


Om is described as the vibration; and that vibration is conversing into this material world. Аnd if you think on it, whatever we see is actually a vibration certainly. Wherever there is vibration, there is sound. So what Bible says: “In the beginning there was the word and the word was God”. I take it as an exact statement, that is very exact.

And also if we consider all that you will also notice that it is actually the void what is carrying every particle of the matter, every movement – it is possible because the void is carrying the particles. Тhe smallest units of matter through the micro to macro are all holding empty space, the whole movement depends on the void or the empty space. Time is even more subtle than this and I think it will sound very fantastic, that the matter came into being as a result of the union between time and void. Also if you go into Sanskrit dictionary you will find that the void and Shakti means the same.

Тhe time has united the world and as a result the matter is turned into being and Shakti is called the mother. Every moment of the matter the void is holding. That is the only stationary thing in the whole of the being.


The void has got no form. And because it has got no form, it is still and carrying the matter or the timе.


Don’t you think your body is nothing but empty space? There is great empty space between the atoms and molecules.

Q: But something is holding them together.

A: Only your will.

Q: I thought that is God.

A: Then tell me what is the difference between your will and God’s will? That’s why Jesus said “Thy will be done, not mine” — because they were one and the same.


Just try to imagine that you go to the atom and you also pass it and tremendous energy is experienced, atomic energy. Вut somehow if you are able to use the void, and do the same thing that you are doing with the atoms, you will create too much energy which can animate the whole creation.

I think the next step of physics is going to realize is the power of the void. So far they have not studied it because nobody sees void. You see there is empty space between us but you are looking at me, I am looking at you. You rarely notice the void. But with progress and yoga you will become conscious of that and may be even to use it. And just imagine the power of the time which is even more subtle than void. We experience it all the time but we don’t know the exact nature of time.

And just imagine if your consciousness is merged with the time — then you will know everything. Past, present and future will have no meaning for you. You will see time as one. I think this is the essence of my commentary on Gita. Do you remember the 11th Chapter when Arjuna is saying: “I am bowing to you from the front, from the back, from every direction”. What does it mean? When you see time you will see everything in the past, in future and in present.


And time was the creator of void, space — because a word is heard only as a property of empty space. If there is no empty space you will hear nothing. The word was created by time because it created emptiness and the word is one of the main properties of emptiness. The empty space is the basis of life.


Q: Тhen it is in the void that time plays the musical instrument?

А: Yeah, that is very true. And remember, the sound is a say a virtue of the void. Only in the void the sound is. So sound is emerging from the void and the time will come when we will hear this sound without anything. From that moment, the consciousness of the world will begin.

Q: I think the Zen Buddhists have this kind of practices, they are trying to listen these things and meditate upon the the clap of one hand and when you think about that something changes in the mind. Аnd is this the matter of tuning the mind towards the different substance?

A: That is a very different thing. And this is a very real experience and it will also develop with the practice that you are doing: Khechari and everything. And the day the sound will begin I think you will notice it.

That’s why it is called unstruck sound, “anhad nada” — unstruck sound, the cosmic sound. And it is the sound of the creation because everywhere in the creation there is movement, where there is movement, there is vibration and every vibration has a sound.

Q: Sometimes it seems to me that this sound is existing in another dimension. It’s not present here, it’s somewhere else.

A: It is present but you are not yet aware of that.


Until you get the consciousness of the void you will never conceive or perceive the essence of time. And the void is the beginning of the true knowledge. When you get the consciousness of the void, your heart will open and the prana will change its place. And wherever you concentrate upon your mind will go there because it is free from the body, the physical bondage or limitation. It will start entering into the consciousness of the void. Out of the void the unstruck sound comes — that is Om. And your knowledge, your wisdom will begin from then and there.


If you are capable of leaving your body consciously, and then you have enough control over your thought process; then wherever you wish to concentrate and wish yourself to meet, you will appear there. In an instant. From micro to macro. Even inside the atom you can benefit with your consciousness because the void is also there. But only that person is capable of doing that who has realized by his own experience that the world is nothing more than a thought. He can do all these things.