In the next 12 years there will be a lot of changes to the best. Here came the question from the audience what is good for me? What do I mean by saying good changes? Good means which will make humanity improve, as human beings also and also come the point of view of prosperity as well. Improve I mean they will became more tolerance to other people, because we are not tolerance human being as this time. So there will be more tolerant for others, there will be received or there will be given help at the same time. There will be much more coordination, more compassion for each other, more unity. This is what reflecting. You will begin to think this planet as our home not a particular portion of it. That would be a big improvement. We are already in space so we must be able to think on that point view.

Look around. Yoga is becoming very popular now and every religion is open for this but religion as religion is dividing us. Not every religion is taking to the truth or talking you to the God or something like that. No matter what religion talks about a certain good but no religion gives you the answer about your soul. No religion gives this answer; they were rather taken away your soul.

We may compare people. I see Russians from a very different point of view. I see Russians are more open minded, they have more sense of humor, they accept things more. We may see tolerance and accepting other people as heritance of the rules much more in Western Europe and Northern Europe than for example in Russian as a general. At the same time yoga is more popular in Russia then in Western Europe. Then I think I suggest that you would try to observe those yogis closer. Maybe they are just showing there tolerance as good christens no more than that. Sometimes we have to do generalization from time to time. They are brought up as a good christen and they are taught to tolerance to the poor and suffering so they show there tolerance as compilation to the poor and suffering. At the same time I see from a broader prospective that India was a slave and European some going all over the world we awaked and discovered by Europeans; they were trying to do business even trying to find new territories from there they can make more money. Only through commercial trade that will spread all over the world. Otherwise nobody would go anywhere. And money is the main motivation factor for lot of things. I said it is not such bad thing also. If you know how to spend them it’s a very good thing. Maybe it’s much easier for, for politicians who want to become successful.

I would say that most Russian will say that everything is a faith so no need to do anything everything is recorded almost European would say that everything is in my own hands, I rule my destiny if I’ll do good today, I would be doing good tomorrow. I think both are correct in certain things. One man asked me if it was possible to change the destiny, I said that of course it was possible to change your destiny. But to change your destiny you need to know exactly what is your destiny. If you don’t know what is your destiny then what change you will bring in what. Otherwise the best you can do is to try to improve your current situation that’s it. But you are free to learn out of experience you are doing through that learning will be yours and that is important in every situation , if life is bring and you will face it in different ways or say different destiny the learning will be purely yours. How you will be purely yours. How you will manage yourself. How you will behave facing certain situation is purely your. But even then I see that even the person who is not practicing yoga can be very good person. I have many friends that never practiced yoga but they are very-very good people. Maybe they never went through a some say shocking experience in their life, questions about death or life became important to them. It is only after you see some shocking things or very few intelligent people start asking question about what is death, what happen after death. That maybe the only reason I can see now.

2nd of January 2009