In the next 12 years, there will be a lot of changes in the world. So many things will change in the way people think, act, create their societies and their future. These changes are going to bring about new perspectives, new views and new hopes. In general, I like to think that humanity is going to improve, human beings themselves as well as their prosperity and education. The most significant thing is that people will become more tolerant towards others.

Presently people have shown very limited tolerance to other people, whose ideas about life, or God or money are different from their own ones. Whenever a man meets somebody who thinks differently, he condemns him as a person of a lower standing in life. And then the power game begins. Who has more money, more information, more of everything, claims the world belongs to him and him alone. This is how things in the society have been, but many changes are happening. These are changes for the better. So there will be more tolerance for others, there will be more support, more help to give and more help to take. There will be much more coordination, more feeling for each other, more togetherness. Yoga is very popular now. I think this is a good omen because only the science of yoga grants us a chance to connect. First, this connection happens at a very intimate, personal level. A person, practicing yoga, begins to understand his own mind, his own nature and, step by step, he’s going towards the realization of his Self. But yoga doesn’t happen only at a personal level, although the path of yoga is to be taken alone. It is a solitary journey in some way. Transformation may take place on a higher level as well. The Sanskrit root “youg” means “to unite”. From the beginnings of time, politics and religions, all these power games humanity play, have been trying to separate people, to make them feel limited and very much alone. Yoga has the power to unite, to make one. My guru used to say that if a Hindu practices this yoga, if a Christian or a Moslem practices it or a Buddhist or an atheist will do it, they all will develop their mind, no matter what God they believe in. Ultimately, they all will start finding themselves going deeper and they’ll find so many answers to so many questions no religion can ever answer these. Yoga is beyond religion or race. Maybe, a man will improve to the degree that he will think of himself not as an Indian, an American or a Russian, but of a person living in the world. People will begin to think about this planet as our home, not as a particular portion of it. That would be a big improvement. We are already in to space, the humanity developed their intellect so much that it is possible to go to other planets, so we must be able to think over that point of view as well. I say, always think big. It’s time to meet the wind of change.