You see most of the Indians were politically prejudiced. So he just came and made the statement that Mahatma Gandhi actually ruined this country. It was a very big statement, I said how you know you were not even born then, and he said my father told that and he was present when Mahatma Gandhi was spoiling this country. I asked him what your father was doing, why didn’t he stop Mahatma Gandhi? Why he took a back seat and saw that Mahatma Gandhi was ruining this country? If he was an able person he should have stopped him. No answer for this. But because his father said something he took it to his heart and continued to repeat all his life. So such habits are very difficult to break. Only with a mind that has been tampered by yoga practice you can decide for it what is the family impact or your genetic conditioning, then you can take your mind beyond that and you can exercise free will. That’s why in the beginning, when somebody appeared to be follow by the yogic path, a person he will leave home and go into the jungle and live there for 12 years continuously. This time was necessary to break all habits which he acquired while living with his family and society. He will exercise free will and become a great human. And now you don’t need to go into the jungle you have just need to keep analyzing yourself. Keep analyzing yourself and keep finding yourself. After that the realization you are a fool, you will ask silly questions over and over again.