22nd of June is the beginning of Second World War in Russia, was it absolutely negative or in some way it was good for Russian for humanity? I think it was good for humanity in general. Because you see there is a complete change of political scene after that. The monarchy finished. The humanity grew spiritually. Yoga became more popular. And you can be born in any religion but you can practice yoga. Did it clean the humanity? Yes. That is very good and you see India suffered for more than a 1000 years and Russia also suffered. I think people are ready to practices.

You see we had Mahatma Gandhi who taught to nonviolence and just opposite front of there was Hitler, full of violence, killing. There is always an equivalent opposite force. The rise and fall were noticed almost the same time. And there also it is said that humanity learnt always in the hard way. So it was for our education that all these terrors happened but it is a fact, whoever has attacked Russia they are all defeated, whoever attacked India – they are also turned out, that is a similarity. See Napoleon attacked Russia, his career was over. With Hitler the same thing happened, his career finished. The same thing is marked for thousands of years; so many Mongols attacked India are finished. Britishers came here – they are finished. There might be some spiritual force both in India and Russia and it is a very famous story of Mehmood Gahzini. He was a very old invader who first attacked India on the West coast and there were famous Shiva temple, he looted that and for thousands of camels, loads of gold and he was taking back to Ghazini – there was a big stone of sand and his whole family went under, nothing was left.

There is another story of Nadir Shah (Nadir Shah, 16881747, Iranian ruler and conqueror who created an Iranian empire that stretched from the Indus River to the Caucasus Mountains. – editor’s note) who came to India, just attacked Delhi won it and ordered a general massacre, thousands of people were beheaded and he took the famous peacock throne at that time and his ship sank on the way (Peacock Thronefamous golden throne stolen from India by the Persians in 1739. Thereafter lost, it remained the symbol of the Persian, or Iranian, monarchy. The original throne, built for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahān (1592 – 1666) in the early 17th century, was reportedly one of the most splendorous thrones ever made. It was ascended by silver steps and stood on golden feet set with jewels. – editor’s note). He didn’t reach home alive.

Then the Alexander the Great, he attacked India and when he went back he died on the way. He didn’t reach home alive and even his army mutiny, that he don’t want to fight or remained here. They have to go back and died on the way. They took so many things from India, their kingdom is over. Same with Russia, whoever attacked Russia they are all defeated.