We have a very famous movie star — Amitabh Bachсhan. One day when he was giving an interview for the TV, a girl who was interviewing him, asked him a very interesting question: “Imagine that you are going somewhere and some man comes and slaps you. How will you react?” And Amitabh Bachсhan answered: “I will excuse and move on.”  She asked him: “But why?” “I am too busy to fight with him, my purpose of life is different. Maybe his purpose of life is fulfilled by slapping me, but if I react to this, it fulfills nothing in my life. It will be just a wastage of time and energy. So I will just say sorry and go on” – he answered.

His answer was very important to me at that time. I heard it 15-20 years ago and I absolutely agreed with him. Your attitude depends on your priorities. If you have enough time to beat that guy, do it. But if your purpose is more important – just move on, don’t waste your time on that. Just tell him: “Oh, you lifted your hand and by mistake my cheek came in your way, I am so sorry.”