Old Brahma used to have four heads. Previously he had five heads but he was talking against Shiva so one head was cut off. And I think because Brahma had four heads only four Varnas are there: Brahma, Kshatri, Vaishia, Shudra. But now Hanuman is Brahma, he has five heads, so the fifth Varna will come. And I observe all over the world that there was one Varna almost killed by Europeans – that is red Indians from America. So maybe they will come to surface, their number will increase and they will be the dominating force in times to come. Five Varnas we’ll definitely have after some time. Whatever Mother Earth will decide – will happen.

Most of the native Americans were killed. I have a book sent to me by one of my disciples – “Five Hundred Nations” – in which a very extensive study on native Indians is given. There were more than five hundred tribes. Systematically they were all finished by Europeans. But some still exist, they are still surviving.