Guruji: I teach yoga. People study yoga and come to me if they have any problems. I’m glad to show them the right way. I’m happy to help them. I help only those disciples, who are really interested in investigation. I can’t help everybody, it’s just impossible.

We study yoga in all its variety. We don’t divide it into karma yoga or dhyana yoga, we practice yoga in general. Yoga is a way to balance your body, mind and soul.

Disciple: What is a progress in yoga?

Guruji: The practice will make you realize your own true nature. That is yourself. When you realize your own true nature you will begin to be aware of the nature in general because it is the nature of mother Еarth or the Сreator. The close you come to your own nature, the better you feel the nature. They go together. I have noticed that the higher you go in your practice, the more your surroundings begin to improve, even if you don’t try to improve them.

Disciple: What are the duties of a disciple in relationship between a guru and a disciple? In the literature it is said that every word of a guru must be obeyed: if he says to jump from a mountain, a disciple has to jump without any doubt . But it is difficult to comprehend for the western person.

Guruji: The basis of such a relationship is to follow your guru’s instructions exactly and practice with utmost sincerity. If you are not paying enough respect to your guru, you will not respect his teachings also. Respect your guru, love your guru, follow whatever he is teaching you. He has gone through most of the experiences that’s why he is a guru.

Disciple: Do you think Guru is a limitation of your freedom as well?

Guruji: In fact, Guru is the opposite. He makes you be aware of your freedom, shows you how free you can be. And he also tells how to enjoy your freedom.

A guru is here to teach by his own example. If the guru’s example is not good enough, his disciples will not be able to reach anything. Yoga is based on a practice, not on a theory.

If my life is not getting better, if it is not changing then what inspiration will I give to my friends?