I will tell you about one incident. Once I was visiting my sister. And she had a neighbor – the old man, who thought that everything is bhram, all things are illusion. And when he knew that I am a yogi he came to argue with me rather than discuss things. But then Guru’s grace was on me so it hasted him. He came and directly asked me: “Who practices yoga?” What he meant was whether the soul is practicing or the body is practicing. No matter what you’d answer and the argument would start. But as Guru was blessing me so I asked: “Who is asking the question?” Then I experimented – I gave him choicest bad words in hindi. Very very very powerful words. And suddenly he became very angry: “Why you have no manners to talk with elderly person?” Then I said again: “Who is saying bad words and who is listening? I do not see you I see only bhram.” And he went away saying: “He is a good man.” So this is the philosophy.