Human body is made up of the very same gross elements, which are all present in the earth. This human body is sometimes called an earthly body. Inside every body a spritit and and an individual consciousness are present. The chemical elements, which make up the human body, are all there in the earth and in the water and in the air, forming different combinations and entities. So, it could be presupposed that the Earth herself should have a spirit and a consciousness of her own. The Earth is actually a living planet. She has a very unique consciousness.

Human body is believed to be a very fortunate shell for a spirit. It is mentioned in many Vedic scriptures that even Gods aspire to obtain a human reincarnation because only on this very planet, the Earth, certain spiritual achievements are possible to be made. This happens because the Earth is actually a very special Being. She cares about us, looks after us like a mother cares for her children. She nourishes our bodies and minds as well.

The Earth gives us everything to make our earthly journey comfortable. So many creatures of all kinds live on this planet, and she provides food for all of them. There is another parallel. Without being conscious about this happening, human body feeds millions of bacteria and viruses. Their existence depends solely on the human body, like the lives of all the creatures living on earth depend on the Earth herself. Being made up of billions of individual sells, human body is still whole in its totality. Consisting of the innumerous number of living beings, the Earth is still single.

So there is some similarity between human consciousness and universal consciousness of this planet. Even more interesting, this planet was here far longer than the Sun. Our Earth has seen many suns. When the light of one sun fades, she will meet another sun, and the dance of life will continue. The Earth is the eldest lady round here.