My whole life changed after my first parikrama. I suddenly began to write.

After Divali we worshipped Govardhan which is worshipped all over India. We make it with cow’s damp and worship. So when we were doing parikrama round it, somebody suggested to go to original Govardhan and perform parikrama there. I said: “Okay, let’s go”. So we went on December 31st at night. It was Dattatreya Purnima, Datta Purnima.

And as we’re yogis, we were just wearing the dhoti. We did parikrama at night and it was very cold. When we came back, one disciple asked me a question — we picked up Bhagawat Gita and the commentary began. And it was ready in twenty one days only and soon published. After it something came over me. I thought that I had to go to Vrindavan. So on 2nd of October I went there with four cows, two Doberman dogs, twelve disciples and only two thousand rupees in my pocket. All my disciples spent all the money on food in one day and went back thinking: “How will he survive?” And it was a miracle how I survived – it was the ninth month of leaving home when I owned this place miraculously.

So doing a parikrama changed everything in my life. And I wrote four books in a few days — before that I had never written an essay. And I was not a very brilliant student in my college time. I preferred to read James Bond to my text book. There is some extraordinary power here in Govardhan which is very difficult to explain. I was the most famous unemployed person, I have never done any work to earn money in my life. Somehow after parikrama everything has been going on very well. That is why I say — go and do a parikrama. I am sure your life will improve after it. My life has improved.

When I bought this place, it was in a very bad state. So I was staying in Dharamshala and here the cleaning was going on. It was in July, there was one Adheek Mass. I saw a girl prostrating all the way — people do prostrating throughout parikrama. She was very beautiful. A big car was following her and staff of four or five persons was also there. She must have been very rich. I thought this cannot be blind belief. There must be something. I send one of my disciples to inquire about her. He came back and told me that she was the only daughter of a billionaire from Gujarat. And she had had leprosy. A pandit from Govardhan visited their family. Seeing her father was very sad, the pandit told her to go to Govardhan and live there, put the dust on her body and say: “If you cure me, I will do seven Dandvati parikrama prostrations”. Within a year she was cured and it was her third parikrama. Usually it lasts eight or nine days — you have to prostrate eleven thousand times. She was cured and it was impossible to analyze that she had had leprosy. I have seen a lot of such incidents. I am the brightest example: from a nobody I became somebody.

In India we have a term “kripa” — grace from God received without any reason. So sometimes it is beside the destiny. And if somebody is able to receive it, his destiny does not matter. So I think I have received kripa grace — or maybe I was the only bare bodied in that winter, so the God said: “Okay, let’s give him something”. There is no reason behind — it has just happened. Everybody is open to receive it. So they go around — some receive, some not. And I think that it is good to be here.