I established my yoga academy in 1993 on Shiva Ratri day, officially we registered it and every Maha Shiva Ratri (The Great Night of Shiva) my disciples come from everywhere and we celebrate it (Maha Shiva Ratri or Siva Ratri is a festival celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha in the Hindu Calendarthat is, the night before and day of the new moon – editor’s note.). We fast and do puja and practice 1000 songs, do pranayam that day and we eat at night. I got to know that this holiday is called Shiva Ratri that means the night of Shiva so we should keep awake all night and do something to Shiva so I called five priests from my hometown and in this room I had a this big Shiva ling. So we did abhisek the whole night. Many disciples were gathered and continuous abhisek was going on. Abhisek is the pouring of the milk continuously uninterrupted and the priest were chanting mantras. Then exactly around midnight I heard a very deep sounding voice. So I took two priests with me. I went there and it was very horrible looking. It was so fearsome that nobody was going there even in the daytime. Pundits, priests were afraid but I forced them to do puja. Then in the morning, when we were doing the final thing, I again heard it the same voice and the voice said I am waiting for you, very long time for you. Now I want to live with you, send somebody and have me pick up and I will remain with you. So I immediately declared where they should search. I told them to similar place, and search for Shiva ling, you will find a Shiva ling, so they searched that day, next day to Shiva Ratri but they couldn’t find. But the next day it was about 10:30 in the morning it was found by two of my disciples. They brought it here. We weighed it, it was 39 kilos in weight and we cleaned it. My sister took it up in my bedroom. And then I had no money for repairs then suddenly some money came. I think on 26th of June we installed it there exactly where the king was cremated more than 100 years. Then a new system thing began. I learned after sometime that if somebody will put something on the cremation spot he will die within 24 hours and when I was installing the Shiva ling one of my dogs simply died without any apparent cause. Even then I didn’t know what to do, how to do puja. I never had done puja before I start practicing yoga. So whoever touched the Shiva ling had very high fever and vomited hundred times, more than to 100 times in one day. Then I again heard that word that you do puja and first go to Pashupathnath Temple and learn how to do puja from the high priest there. So I immediately went to Nepal, talked with the priest there. He was very old. He taught me to certain thing by doing the puja, the sequence of puja so I am just following it. And when I touch Shiva ling suddenly I feel very high as if I was intoxicated, very highly intoxicated at that time. And even in the middle of winter my clothes become wet. And now it will be 9 years complete one day after Shiva Ratri that means on 18th February we will complete 9 years.

Om is also visible on top of that Shiva ling, a natural Om is there. That is also similar to the Om, which is inside my head. And many rare things are just keep coming here so we are offering them to Shiva otherwise it is impossible to find them in the market. Like yellow datura: it is very rare, actually very rare but here it grew automatically without planting they are growing here so that is the direct grace from Shiva. And I learnt this puja because Shiva is supposed to be the first guru of yoga. He is the giver of yoga to humanity so in a way I am serving the guru also. Also there is a different point that when you worship every way to the first guru and your guru and you’re going down to them, your ego remains in balance. That is very important otherwise with practice like kriya yoga it is very easy to become full of ego that I am great, I am god myself, but when you are following this discipline ego remain under control.

And also it is a coincidence, you can call it a coincidence, Pashupanath Temple structure of is almost similar to our temple, and after my visit within a few months the king was killed. Everything changed, now there is democracy, the whole system is different. And this is also the first time in history of this area. They say they are the best, first time the natural Shiva ling has been found on this holy mountain so it might be the beginning of great change in future. It is a possibility and I can see lot of change starting here. First I found the symbols of Shakhty here – there are 36 of them. And I am happy that most of the Indian sadhus and gurus and saints are going to America but I am happy Russians are coming to here. Because all over, only two countries call their land as mother, Russians and Indians, mother India, mother Russia. I become the owner of this property it is miracle. A person without money and nothing and suddenly becomes owner of this and even governor accepted the ownership, that is a miracle. That means something event is going to happen or it has already started. I will just advise to use your breath and continue your practice, don’t depend on the mood. Mood should depend on you, not you on the mood. So you have to look what you eat.