Once we began to be aware of certain sound. It was a very different type of sound coming from the Kund – like a steam engine releasing steam. When the sun went down it began and lasted till sun rose. The whole area was echoing by it, every day – it was very horrible. All pigeons and crows simply dropped dead because of that.

The water turned black there. There was a big tree on top – it dried up. Actually everybody was afraid. Nobody was coming even by the road, nobody would pass at night because the sound was so loud. Many of my disciples heard it. Everybody who came to visit me those days heard it too. Then I decided: “Let us see what it is,” and I tried to contact it.

We were going in the evening there. Before that I had called many snake charmers also, because we realized that it was some huge snake who was making the sound. They all ran away and never came back after they had heard it. They told me: “Tomorrow we will come back,» but they never did.

Even its breath was killing birds just like that. We fetched some owls – may be more that eight ones – and hang their bodies to see because if someone is dying with snake poison, the body remains intact for a long time. For three-four months their bodies were just natural – nothing happened with them. No bad smell came, nothing. At last we buried them.

So I began sending some mental message. We went there after sunset when the sound was on. We put incense there and said: “Please, contact”. It went on for maybe two months. Then on 27th of January 1995 we found the statue of Shakti in the evening and then at about 8 o’clock, I received a mental call: “Come. I will talk to you”.

Alone I went there. There is a bridge which is now under water. In the Kund there are two very big door-like structures and the bridge is in front. The water was not up to that level then. So I went and stood there on the other corner of that bridge, waited for a few seconds only and the snake appeared. Only his upper body came as if it was hanging form somewhere. It was a very horrible looking big head without spreading the hood. It looked like a python to me. It just came from under that doors. I just saw his head – about three-four feet only. By considering the thickness I think it must have been at least thirty feet long.

Then I began to hear a voice inside my head. He told me: “I am here for more than four hundred years and with my blessing the Bharatpur family became Kings. And as long as my blessings are with them, their family line will continue. I have invited you here and I am protecting you”. And he began to give me names of so many people whom he had killed. Yes, people had been dying already: whoever had come to fight him would die.

He told me so many other things also – certain things which I had never known. He also told me to maintain a distance from him because his breath was very poisonous. I was already feeling very diseased with the effect of his breath. I also recognized the smell of his body – a very peculiar type of smell.

Then it was the end of the meeting. It lasted for may be thirty-forty minutes, I don’t remember exactly. Somehow I dragged myself back and went to sleep. I got up after 10 o’clock next day. I slept for more than 12-14 hours.

From that day he stopped making those hissing sounds. It was like an indication to invite to communicate.

Sometimes he is seen and felt: when I smell that smell I am sure he is out breathing out or taking air. Some person also saw his eyes looking at him from under water like red torch light.

And he had red beard also – like a male goat. But it was red in color.

The pond is more than five thousand years old but the snake is here for four hundred years – before the steps were built by Kings. Naturally four hundred years back there were no steps, no buildings there – only jungle.