Once upon a time there were a guru and his disciple. The Guru was very highly-estimated by the disciple for being very spiritual. The disciple was extremely devoted to him and always served his Guru. One fine day the Guru died. The disciple became very worried: “What happened to my Guru? Where is he? Is he with God?” He prayed, and prayed, and prayed. One day after several years the Guru appeared before him. He asked the Guru: “Where are you? Are you with God?” And the Guru told him: “Yes, I am”. Then the disciple asked him: “Which of your prays appealed to God?” The Guru answered: “Don’t ask me that”. But the disciple insisted and the Guru told him one story. One day he was writing a poem and a drop of ink fell on the paper. A fly came and began to drink it. A thought came into the Guru’s mind to drive it away, but then he thought: “Let it drink”. “So this was the only thing God liked in all of my life”, said the Guru.

And I believe in it, because if you begin to take care even of a fly, it means you are close to God.