My sister is returning from MahurGad where there is a very ancient place of Dattatreya and they also saw that room where Matsyendra Nath called me and we had a meeting in 2000. Matsyendra Nath, the guru of Gorakhnath. He is also one of the immortals. I had a meeting with him on the 16th of June 2000 at about say 12 o’clock in the noon. He was more than 7 feet tall, very shapely and very slim, with a black beard and not very long hair. Very fair in colour. And two ladies were with him whom he did not introduce. But they were sitting with a smile looking at me. And of course I was very nervous in front of them. He told me that the yoga practice which I was doing was all right. He gave me a certain mantra also to add to my practice and told me the technique or the way how to start a dhooni. There are some special things attached what he told me, which I did. And also he asked me to wear these kundals. So I arranged them and then I had my ears pierced and I am wearing them. I think it was a historical moment in my life because I had read about Matsyendra Nath. Whoever becomes interested in yoga reads about Gorakhnath and Matsyendra Nath and all these great yogis. And it was beyond my wildest imagination and expectation that someday I will get to meet him in person. He sent one of the Naths – Ganganath here. He is also a legendary figure in Nath lore, in the lineage of Nath yogis. He is the disciple the of disciple of Gorakhnath. And he is also supposed to have attained immortality. So he gave me the message: you must be at that place at this and this time. So I went there. Although, even till he came it was almost impossible for me to believe that I have come here. To go and to see Matsyendra Nath, I mean it looks like a very wild story. Then I came back and I started my dhooni. Made holes in my ears and arranged these kundals and I think life is much better and much more spiritual nowadays than before. But he never introduced me to those two ladies. They were also more than 6 feet tall. Very beautiful, very shapely, they were wearing saris with no blouses. They looked like Indians, but their colour was very fair. And I was feeling like a kindergarten child, who somehow has been called by the principal of a great institute. That way I was feeling there. After that there was no meeting with anybody for 8 or 9 years. But the area is looking better and better and better since then.

Talking about the construction of the house I may tell that there is an entrance like a hole or something like that. The rooms and the entrance may be interconnected also. Because when we see the roof from inside, it looks like it was plastered from inside, not from outside. That means whoever built these rooms filled them with soil. There must be some connection inside. But it is good, I think to imagine that some of the yogis might be sitting in Samadhi there. Rooms are perfect for that. I am flattered if you think that way. And also this is such a different type of building. If you keep on moving around it you will really take notice that this structure is there. Actually this made me think on that. We were moving for quite some time and we were not aware about this building and we were seeing it every day. But even then it was not being registered inside the mind. That makes it more mysterious. And also there is a story here: some local people, local priest family, thought there might be some treasure inside and they tried to dig the room. And they all went mad and died within six months. Eight people. Now, not a single one of that family is alive here. All are gone. It was, I think two years before I came here. And they all died the same day. They vomited blood, suddenly without any sickness or something and they were asking pardon from somebody. Please, please, don’t, don’t, don’t, please leave me alone. Please I am sorry. And they all died. It’s a very famous incident locally. If my lawyer comes I will make him tell the story of them.

My lawyer is local. His family were actually royal priests. They were serving the King of Bharatpur. Now he is working for me. And they were very much attached with this place. They think that I was a King in my former life, so I have come again to finish my unfinished work. Well, I think it will give a boost to anyone’s ego if he is told: you were actually a king in your last life. So, I go on an ego trip every time I hear it. Better to be a king in your previous lives than a useless fellow, a very ordinary person. Then it is also believed that only yogis become kings. That is connected in a way. Yes, the king credited me to be was also practicing yoga.

And it is another you can call it coincidence, that the ground plan of this building is the same as of my cottage in Gwalior. The central room, a three-side open veranda, a closed veranda on the back side with a bathroom and an underground cellar. That building was built 130 years back. I was never aware that such a building might exist with the same ground plan. It was a very big surprise for me to see.

And it may be interesting that the king died in June 1893. I entered in this property for the first time in June 1993. Exactly one hundred years after. But I have to say that it may be true or may be not. But it gives me an ego trip every time I hear about it. The King was meditating and nobody actually knew. Who dared to ask the king? That’s why he had that place built for himself so he can be alone for some time. He built this house also. This property was built by him. He ruled, I think, for 40 years. Then he also died when he was 50. And I also almost died when I was past 50. Nobody knows, maybe it was natural death. These things are known to happen in royal families. It could be possible but there is no information, no evidence about it. He ruled for 40 years – the longest ruling king of that dynasty. Here they used to come for worship and cremations only. And this house is supposed to be a very humble house for a king. So maybe he was coming here just to worship the hill god. They were very much devoted to the hill god, Govardhan. And he had that place especially built so where he can be alone, to meditate and for whatever practice he must have been doing. So I have just repaired that and allowed Tchaikovsky to live there and practice yoga.