We were discussing the past. If I was nor doing yoga then I can simply, I cannot imagine what else I would be doing. Now it is not possible to imagine that. When I started university my interest was the University. Certainly I wasn’t interested in yoga. Because at present I was not aware of this kind of yoga. I was not to much interested in yoga posture. I don’t know I was never attracted to posturing. I have done quite a lot but there is never interest me in that. How did I make decision not to pursue the military carrier? See in military you have to cut your hairs shot. And I always love long hairs so, that was the main reason I, but I went through out the test, the competition, it was just to prove a point that I am also what some. I got selected for a commission in the army, as an officer. It was 32 years ago. You were born that time. That day it was a good decision on my side. I decided to do nothing. I was not interested in yoga at that time and I decided to do nothing. That’s why the yoga suddenly clicked in 78-79. When I read that book by Yogananda, then it was like a blasting in my mind. Then I decide this is the thing I want to do. Nothing else. What did my parents say? Its usual saying in India to has an unemployed son doing nothing. In those days it was usual, not anymore. Well I will say when you will improve in your practice your body will become more still, no movement will remain, unnecessary movement will not be there, more and more calm and peaceful you will become, body will also become calm and peaceful. They say our body is the only friend you have.