Gyaneshwar had three brothers and a sister: Nvrittinath, Sopana, Muktabai and Gyaneshvar. There was one yogi living nearby, he was 1200 years old. And some Guru told him that the real Guru would appear when he was 1200 years old. And once he heard about them. He came riding a tiger, taking a cobra as a lash. And all three brothers and a sister were sitting on the wall. And they said to the wall: «He’s coming on a tiger so take us to him” and the wall began to move. The name of that yogi who was 1200 years was Changdev. And then Changdev wanted to be their disciple. And they said that their sister would be his Guru. She was very young, maybe 14-15 years old or so. And just imagine that 1200 old yogi serving a girl of 14-15 years old as Guru. And there was another great incident. One day she was taking a bath. And Changdev came for something. She came out naked from the bathroom. And he just looked on other side. And she said: “1200 years old! And there are still such thoughts in your head!” And that was the moment of his realization, he became a realized person.