I visited Lahiri Mahasaya’s room many times. His great grandson was my friend Bhee Lahiri. He is no more now – he died at the age of more than 90. The vibration in this room was very peaceful. I think he was like that. Very powerful.

We would just sit there for hours. Sometimes we would be having tea, discussing something, or we were sitting in silence.

It is a very small room, with low ceiling. A narrow long room. One feels highly nostalgic sitting in that room. A small wooden dice is there on which Lahiri Mahasaya used to sit, one of his Dhotis, his shoes, the watch which he brought is hanging there, his copy of Geeta, copy of Chandi is also there.

It was a very great feeling.

Now it is locked, nobody lives there. Bhee must have been keeping, but his son is working somewhere.