And we had a hilarious incident − hilarious now, in that time it was very serious. We had a certain area where there was no water. So I purchased a bore-well about one kilometer away from here and I was planning that we would lay down the pipeline. He had some land just beyond my boundary. He came to visit me in the afternoon and we were discussing which land the line of water would cross. And he told me: “I have some land, you can put your waterline there. I will have no objection. Show me where your land is so I will plan”. And we were going there near my boundary wall and were about to reach it. I was just talking about waterline when he heard somebody laugh behind us. It was a very loud compelling laugh. There was nobody. He asked “Guruji, who laughed?” I said: “Maybe God laughed hearing what we were talking?” And suddenly the wind rose within seconds. It was so heavy that it was just pushing us from there to here − we were almost rolling on the ground. We just entered the house and the big wind was blowing for two-three hours. And the very next day the whole area got flooded. Then it came to me that maybe God really was laughing when this talk was to lay down water pipeline.

The bore-well which I bought remained underwater for 5 years.

Then we arranged some other bore-wells. Now we are having water for that.

Well, these signs are so big that you simply cannot ignore them. But this sign was out of the blue: laughter, the wind rose suddenly and the next day it was flooded and the whole area remained underwater for more than two months.