There was a story of one fakir, who was supposed to be so powerful to be able to influence the planets. The king called him, showed him one planet or a star and asked to remove it. He said “Ok, I will just remove it”, but all the court continued to see that star twinkling in the sky and fakir was claiming: “Yes, I have erased this star from the sky”. Nobody believed him and he was beheaded by the emperor. And after 4 centuries after this incident scientists were looking with a big telescope into the sky and saw that the star was no longer there. Because for 4 centuries the light had been coming towards the Earth and people thought that they saw the star, but it was just a reflection on earth, that was coming to the Earth. So fakir actually removed that star. He was powerful enough to remove that star, but he was weak to remove the emperor. So what was the use? And the emperor was powerful enough to erase that fakir. That means: never show your wisdom in front of ignorant people, it may prove dangerous.