Dattatreya, the incarnation of the divine Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, usually roams and wander around the world. And there is always a mystery where he goes.

The cult of Aghori and the cult of Sidha (those who make gold from base metal or search for immortality), are supposed to come from Dattatreya. He is immortal and he can grant immortality to others. They say that without receiving the grace of Dattatreya no one can achieve immortality. This is what is believed in India, and I also believe in it. Yogis say that Dattatreya has three heads — Brahma’s, Vishnu’s and Shiva’s. So when Brahma’s head is awaken and two other heads are in Samadhi, the whole world worships Brahma. Then Brahma goes into Samadhi, Vishnu wakes up and everybody begins to revere Vishnu. Then Shiva awakens — and the whole world worships him.

I am very proud to say that after we had found the Shivaling, Ganganath came and declared that god himself had come. This was the head of Shiva who had awakened and he should have been installed on a cremation point. So we did it. I think Shiva’s worship is increasing all over the world now. We will enter the Golden Age soon. That’s why yoga is so popular all over the world nowadays. Shiva is the the first guru of yoga, the guru of all gurus.

When Dattatreya appears, you will see one body and three heads. He is the most mysterious being in Indian mythology. There is a story of his birth. There was a dispute among wives of three Gods who of them was superior and they said that the wife of Atri rishi, Anusuiya, was superior. So the three Gods came down to test her. She offered them fruits and they told that they would take food on conditions that she would serve them naked. She converted them into six months old children and fed them with her own milk. They remained like that for a very long time. Then their wives came, asked her for forgiveness, and she made them Gods again. She told: “You have drunk my milk so you will be my child”. So all three Gods came into one — Dattatreya.