I came to Mathura and that time I had almost ten thousand rupees in my pocket. I was alone waiting for the train at the railway station. And an old man, a very bad-looking old man, very weak came asking for money, begging. And I noticed his fate line. It was extra-ordinary line form. And I thought: “How a person with such a strong fate line can beg?” And I thought if he asked me ten thousand rupees I would give him all the money I had and go back home. And I asked him: “How much money do you need? — I will give it to you.” I did not tell him that I was ready to give him ten thousand rupees. And he was surprised because most of people were showing him away. And then I was asking: “How much money you want- I will give it to you”. So after several times I repeated he said: “Yes, give me five rupees”. So I gave him five rupees, I did not tell him I was ready to give him ten thousand rupees. I came to Mathura and stayed there ten-fifteen days then I went back but his fate line was striking my mind. So when I went back home again I had him followed with the help of some friends. And to my surprise he was a boss of a very big group of beggars. He was not a beggar, he was an engine power. And all the beggars were giving him money as a tax. And he was just acting like a beggar to see whether every beggar was just in the right place which he allowed them to take and he was doing a good business. And no beggar could marry without his blessing. So the fate line was working for him. But that brought another thought in my mind: that by asking a certain thing – we put a limit to what God can give us. If he had said to me: “Please give me whatever you want to give” I would give him ten thousand rupees, I already had it in my mind. But only because he demanded five rupees he received five rupees. So it is always better to say if you pray God. “Whatever you want to give — please. I have no demands.”