I was already a guru when I came here first time, in December 1991. I was practicing since 1982 so I have nine years of practice behind me – very intensive, fourteen hours a day nonstop. That’s why I preferred to remain unemployed. After fourteen hours of practice you are not fit to do any work. And my mother was worried all the time why I did not leave my room. “Maybe he has fallen in love with a girl, she has broken his heart, so he is always inside his room”. They were worried about that.

I used to practice in the night. I started at about 8 O’clock and I went to sleep in the morning. So my family members were thinking: “He was sleeping all night. Now he is sleeping again”. Those were fun days.

Then people began to come to me. My disciples came. But my family were unable to understand it. А famous unemployed person going nowhere, suddenly people begin to come to him for advice, to talk. He is talking to them and they are paying him respect. It is very difficult to digest, I think. And they were too much harassed by making hundreds of cup tea every day. May be the tea was the reason why I had to leave my home. I went to my farm and began to live there. Even there everything was going well. My friends and disciples came and made tea for themselves and for me as well.

When I left home my family was so angry. Nobody came to see me for six months. Then my mother thought: “How is he making? He must be very worried or suffering,” – and she sent my brother to see what was happening. When he arrived on a farm, the bank manager from whom he had taken a big loan was washing cups. The brother walked some more and saw the district judge herself. Being my disciple, she was there bringing a kettle of tea. When the brother entered my cottage, there were so many government people sitting there. One man was pressing my shirt and the discussion was in the full swing. So he just had tea and went back and informed that there was no problem.