I think that a cremated person will have a very good result of it. If some part of his ash comes to India and is put to some holy river like Ganges or to the ocean, he will take a better birth this time. So it is a good thing. His memory will also remain in that area where his ash was spread and buried. His family will continue to remember him. If the ash comes to India and is given to the river that shows he will have a good birth, in a better situation. That’s why all those rituals of cremation have been outlined here in India: in order to make a better birth and a better perspective and a better situation in the next life. Indians are experts in this: to create better karma so that the next life will be much more better. The soul rarely makes the choice itself. Very few people are so advanced that they can make a decision for their own life. They are compelled to go to certain situations. An offender does not want to go to prison – he is forced to go there. That is decided by somebody else. It is not his decision that he shall be imprisoned. If enough understanding is developed, and people are able to understand what result will come from which karma, they can start doing good, start some spiritual practice, practicing yoga and that will make them think more freely. And they are able to judge what is good for them and what is bad. And they will certainly improve. I think only with heavy practice of yoga one reaches the decision about what will happen with him in this life and in the next life. But a yogi is given a certain responsibility. He has to face very different types of situations many times in his life.