Just imagine a person who has no idea about you, about spirituality. An average Indian is always afraid of magic and tantra. He thought about that and the cremation area was just behind us. He thought that I might be a ghost. It was very frightful.

Two-three years back he came. After I became pretty famous in Gwalior he may have realised that he was mistaken and I am a real person, not a ghost. And he needed some help also. He is very serious diabetic. He wants to be my disciple now. So maybe if he will come on Shiva Ratri, we will make him do prayaschita and see.

Every day somebody from the past keeps on coming. But the Judge story is more interesting. He was forced to marry by his father and mother. You can barely imagine in India how much a wife must have suffered. When husband is not talking and for years and years and years are passing.

I said: “Pay her proper respect – and not only respect: love and respect, and go”. She was visiting her parents at that time. But I must say that she is a great lady. She never complained even once. He went there, said sorry, she said all right and came with him. Now they have a five-year-old son. Very intelligent, very bright. And she is a very good lady – to suffer like that and to be able to forgive him. And again she is living with him normally. That is fantastic. I mean very, very rare.

And she is very simple and honest. She has come here two, three times with him. I think after this she began to respect me as well.

She is happy to look after him and to get the proper respect from the husband. I think that is enough.