People were interested for how long I can stop breathing? There is no related time. Even up to six months, one year – that is samadhi. It is unbelievable but that you have entered the path of yoga so many unbelievable things will come to birth but without samadhi it is very difficult to stop more than five or six, seven minutes.

One yogi came to Benares when my guru got young and he demonstrated the samadhi of six months. Before going into the pit his whole body was shaved and cleaned. He went into samadhi, he was taken out. When he came out after six months he looked like as if he has just been shaved. Not even a single hair grew but his color was yellow at that time and he took about one week, seven days for him to recover from that. Why was the hair yellow? Well his body was inner. Everything was, he was massaged and posture was opened slowly and it took about seven days for him to be able to stand up and walk. You need extreme care when you come out of it. Before going into samadhi you have to clean your intestine first so that no trace of food remains otherwise it will affect you so when you come up there is no food inside, very small quantity of milk is given, ghee is given. His body is massaged. You shouldn’t eat or drink before samadhi. And you have to clean after you go into samadhi. How long you don’t eat and drink before samadhi? I think at least 24 hours you have to stop, then clean your system with say prasad and you take a small quantity of ghee so your intestine will remain lubricated then you go. No drinking of water also for 24 hours before that so your system is cleaned totally. Preparation is very difficult otherwise the person will suffer. For seven days after going out of samadhi it is difficult to see people if you have gone into samadhi for six months. After that it’s ok. It will take hardly four or five hours to return. If you have gone for three or four days it doesn’t matter. It looks very impressed but the person who goes into it thinks nothing and remembers nothing. It is just like a coma or a long sleep, so it is called the first level of samadhi. The real samadhi then your mind opens up and you know so many things simply by sitting at one place you will know around the world. That is real samadhi. When you can actually can go out of the body and see what is beyond the death. What is the world of the spiritual, which is real knowledge? You will control your body. That is your mind, your body so you will control. Many yogis were trying to go samadhi to save money or just to survive.

What is mahasamadhi. Are people who went to mahasamadhi come back to this body or they don’t come back at all? They actually enter the next stage of evolution. They don’t go back. When is a caterpillar, you know caterpillar becomes butterfly, it never comes back into his old group. They are more like spirits. They are so powerful in spirit they can make themselves in front of anybody.

Many disciples are worried because some of them will go to samadhi while I am alive, but what will happen if I won’t be with them? Babaji is immortal. He will look after, don’t worry at all. Same worry came into my mind when my guru died but then very next year he came and I was happier. Also I think believe it in India and I believe it also that no other god comes between guru and disciples. That relationship once born. Neither god nor devil will interfere in their relationships.

I have already committed myself twice. When I first came here I was not aware of this fact before. A person died here. This is what is written in our books so when I came here after sometime I begin to notice certain spirits. They were sitting, somewhere meditating, and somewhere chanting mantras they received from guru. They are still some spirits continuing there practice. And they are very high because you see on the other side, you don’t drink water, you don’t eat food, you don’t need bathroom, you don’t need anything so his mental state will continue for hundreds of years and uninterrupted you can continue the practice and the certain feeling of bliss. They were very blissful. Even you see my lawyer who comes every morning. His uncle also chanted a certain mantra. The first I found him just beside my kund pond and he was sitting alone and practicing. This uncle is dead. But his spirit was there.