It is outlined in many ancient books that only a person with the khechari mudra is safe when he is experimenting with mercury. Mercury is considered to be the semen of Shiva, and the khechari mudra is the most favorite of Shiva, so there is some connection between all this – the element and the process. I could tell you about some adventure:

I was experimenting with mercury with some of my friends. After 8 or 9 month of preparations and continuous experiments it was prepared for the final thermal heat treatment when the mercury should be boiled in 40 Kg of mustard oil till all of the oil evaporated. So on the farm in Gvalior we took a huge pot and began the preparation. One of the conditions is that whoever is processing mercury should remain with the khechari mudra all the time and no person with any physical deformity should come near. So me and my disciple friends with the khechari mudra were standing behind this big pot — and one old man who happened to be nearby thought that we were trying to make gold out of mercury. Out of nowhere he simply came running at us. He had a deformity. (it was an outside tumor of the head, and one organ was missing – a finger).  As he came near us, there was a blast in the pot with the mercury, so intense that it was visible from 4-5 km away. And the blast went up 30-35 ft. We all were standing next to it – and nothing happened to us, but the vegetation behind us was simply burned down. It was a confirmation that the khechari mudra was protecting us as it was written in the books. I also have to say that, sadly enough, within 2 month that old man died, I do not know why.

Q: Does the khechari mudra protect only when one is experimenting with mercury — or in other situations too?

A: It will give you protection in many situations. You are already experiencing its effect. Don’t you think your life is slightly better and easier than before?