Here you can see Shailendra Sharma performing Khechari Mudra and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery) images of this process.



Stretching of the tongue


Khecari mudra





Normal position of a tongue


Position of a tongue in Khechari mudra





Formation of Om in Shailendra Sharma’s brain


















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Story of Satyendra Arora, Shailendra Sharma’s Disciple


My name is Satyendra Arora. I am 50. I got diksha in August 2005. I live in Agra.

A friend of mine, Dr. Raghavendranath Dwivedi, took diksha in about 2000. He also lives in Agra. He had taken me to Guruji for the first time. I have been coming to Guruji for about eight years now; with my wife (she is also Guruji’s disciple), my parents.

Once Guruji said that he wanted to make the MRI of his brain. Actually, he wanted to teach people the exact position of khechari-mudra. So we took him there for scan. Doctor told him to go inside the machine for making scan, and added: “I will let you know when to stop your breathe and when to go in khechari-mudra”. But since we were not able to say it to Guruji, he just stopped his breathe and went into that position as soon as his head had been inside the machine. After a little bit of time his pulse became very slow because he has power to do it. Doctor was shocked and worried what had happened to Guruji. He ran to us and said that his pulse was going down. “Don’t worry, no problem”, — we answered. “Ask him to go in that position and stop his breathe till I tell him to retake the breathe”, — the doctor said In several minutes. We asked Guruji, but he answered: “I have already gone into that Mudra and I have already stopped my breath”. We said it to the doctor. Then he realised that this had been the reason for his pulse going down so low. Guruji remained in this position for a long time till the whole process was done. And after that the doctor gave us the plate and the report.

Guruji spent into that machine 15 or 20 minutes. I think his breathe was one a minute. The whole process is monitored by the doctors on computer. The plates are here with us. When he came out, he was perfectly all right and we were together for about five or six hours after that. He took his lunch in Agra and around five we came back.

But everyone around there was very interested and impressed. We told the doctor that there was nothing to worry. He said: “I am surprised and very happy to deal with Guruji”. For the first time in his life did he see that the pulse became so slow and the person was feeling perfectly normal. The doctor was there for the whole time, he did not leave us. There were five people there. Three in the room, Guruji and the technician. The technician and Guruji were in another room. We had a glass partition.



Shailendra Sharma’s Comments

I think my pulse went down to 15 or 17 per minute. I did khechari and lied down. Usually when you do khechari your mind goes somewhere far away. I was in a very high state of mind. It was difficult for me not to enter the state of Samadhi. And the doctor was thinking that I was feeling very bad. Then Satyendra Arora and my other disciple Dr. Dwivedi assured him: “Don’t worry, finish your work.” First he could not understand that this was the tongue inside my nasal passage. He was wondering what this peculiar growth inside was. After he was told it was the tongue, he was so impressed, that he did not charge anything.

I showed him stopping my pulse also.

It was also managed to see Om using the MRI. Somebody suggested: “After your brain has been scanned, let us see how your heart looks.” But I refused: “Please no, I don’t want to demonstrate all my heart breaks. I will keep my heart to myself.”