On the 11th day of January 2011 Guruji has allowed to take his electroencephalogram by a device called Emotiv EPOC 14-channel portable encephalograph. The software used was Emotive Research Software Development Kit.


During the measurement and recording Guruji was answering questions, imagining subjects and matters relating to his childhood, to most appealing and important moments in his life, talking to disciples, listening to music, singing and even stopping pulse on his right hand.


The following preliminary readings were registered (preliminary conclusions were drawn from some background reading of the author and an experience of testing 7 subjects previously, of which 6 were Guruji’s disciples.


Guruji’s delta waves appear to be fluctuating at lower range than compared to those subjects tested with that device before. As Delta waves are usually associated with deep sleep without dreams — the most inert state of human consciousness, then suggested interpretation is that Guruji’s brain is less influenced by this inert state of mind. Delta waves are also the only ones that are registered in the brain of the yet unborn child


Guruji’s theta waves are roaming high with every answer he gave and are generally fluctuating as high as above (!) the delta waves in magnitude. Theta waves are usually associated with twillight state of mind registered for several minutes between awake and asleep states. Theta waves are the least researched and some associate them with intuition and extra-sensoric perception. Another observation is that theta waves are going high when the answering a question which touches the inner self, i.e. matters of deep personal concern, as opposed to answers, which require manipulation or construction of information obtained from memory. The suggested interpretation is that Guruji’s answers are not reconstructed memorized knowledge, but wisdom emerging from the heart, touches the inner self, and that his brain is constantly in twillight state, between awake and sleep. The twillight state of consciousness is the one that helps to connect to the inner self, to the intuition and see the ultimate truth. Also Guruji commented that twillight is the magical time when all the miracles happen. Another point to consider is that Theta waves are the ones that are registered as a ’state of mind’ in children of up to 5-7 years old. Guruji commented that this is the sign that they are ‘immediately from the spiritual world’ and that this gives us more insight to what Jesus said: “To enter heaven one should become a child’.


As hippocampus is responsible for inducing theta waves, modern research says it is also connected with potentiation of long term memory, damage to hippocampus leads to Alzheimer’s desease. It is also mentioned that Alzheimers desease is connected with low hitrogen sulphide level in the brain, which may lead us to understand that hidrogen sulphide and hippocampus may be connected. As genesis of hitrogen sulphide is linked to ability to enter hibernation state and sustain long periods of no heratbeat, no oxigen and extremely low temperatures — and immortality! Physically it is located very much near the spot where Khechary mudra is done. Many practitioners, yogis, meditators, etc seek to induce theta waves. They try different techniques of yoga nydra, listening to special music and viewing special pictures that would induce theta state. One problem is that once the exercise finishes — the state of mind is gone. Guruji’s comment was that it is not so much the practice, but rather constant living on shamshan and practice are responsible for that state of mind.


Guruji’s alpha waves were not different from alpha waves recorded on the previous subjects, except the observation that answering questions did not trigger alpha waves the way they would be triggered on other subjects. Alpha waves are the ones registered in rapid eye movement phase of the sleep, it is demonstrated by tibetan meditators in visualisation meditative techniques, it is associated sometimes with self-healing and inside-harmonisation, as well as creativity. The suggested interpretation is in line with the one given above for the theta waves.


Guruji’s beta waves were low and remained low. No answer or (however limited) physical activity triggered a rise in beta waves. Beta waves are usually associated with awake state of mind, alertness and readiness for action.


Very low alpha waves when remembering or performing physical acts, high theta waves of twillight state of mind, accompanied with low activity of beta waves makes us think, as Guruji coined the phrase, that the body is operated directly from the spirit.


Guruji stopped his pulse on the right hand twice during the recording and both times there was a splash in fluctuation of the recorded electrical activities in all channels being monitored, after which almost flat lines were being recorded until the pulse was willfully started again, which was accompanied by another splash in electric activity in all channels. Willful control over electrical activity in all parts of the cortex is something to alone startle medical scientists.


A consideration must also be taken of the thought that, as Guruji describes himself, the speed at which the mind operates is to be increased multifold with the practice he does. Therefore, it might also have been the case that brainwaves were in fact fluctuating at much higher magnitude, but, at the same time, at frequencies above the registration resolution capacity of the device. As such they could have appeared flat over the recording, on the contrary to what was happening in fact on the cortices of Guruji’s brain.


Mataji’s recording has shown similar signs of outstanding encephalogram, as Gurujis, however, same traits were expressed to a slightly lower magnitude. Hence everything said above about Guruji is almost equally applicable to Mataji: the body being animated by the spirit, the mind being in twillight state, very calm and conscious, with much lower influence of unconscious inert delta-state.


It has also been noted that Mataji may be more emotional, more responsive to music, it seems that listening to music involves her physically, in motion.


Maybe high theta and low other waves point towards that state of mind, which is described as the state when no impressions, or samskars are left, or are being hosted in the body. That can be noted from both Guruji’s and Mataji’s recording.


Mahatmaji’s reading was different to Guruji’s and Mataji’s.


All mental waves (taken from the frontal lobe area) appeared to be extremely low, magnitude of delta waves stayed on the same level as three other types of waves. It suggests that Mahatmaji may always be in a very alert, however not anxious state, extremely concentrated, focused, ready, to the degree of self-induced trans or self induced hypnosis, as was commented by a psychologist present at the time recordings were made. He may seldomly experience truly unconscious state as when in deep sleep.


When asked to remember a design of a metal construction alfa and beta waves went up, which suggests that he not only visualizes the design but also his hands know and feel how to make it.


However, when asked to remember the sequence of Puja he does every day, only theta waves would become activated, as if no memory, but the deep self is involved with the sequence.


When listening to music alpha waves went up, which suggested an ability not only to hear, but to a certain extent to visualize, and, even live in the music, as Guruji described Mahatmaji’s state. When, however, a name of Shiva was recitated, only theta waves were present.


Guruji described this state as a ’self-less Puja’ that has been grown deep into their lives.