And I can say one thing here that you are practicing yoga now. You compare your shadow with a person who is not practicing yoga. And I guarantee that your shadow will appear lighter than his shadow. Anytime you can test it. So if a shadow is becoming lighter that means the light is passing through you. How do we see? Reflection of light makes us see. And the more you will practice the lighter your shadow will appear. Anytime you can compare this with a non-yogi who is not practicing. His shadow will be denser, darker. Yours will be lighter comparatively.

Yoga is fun, ultimately it is great entertainment. But if there is no love inside your heart how can you be happy. And a happy person is having all the fun. No fear at all. And I think purity is the basis of happiness. I remember one fairy tale from somewhere about a bridge across a river. And people were passing and there was lot of happiness there. It was a sort of a magic forest. Some trolls, – do you know trolls? – they were standing guard on that bridge. They would stop every vehicle, everybody and say: give us some tax, then only then we will let you pass. What is the tax? They would just demand, “Give us a true smile and you can pass.” And very rarely somebody was able to give them a smile. I love that story. A real smile will always come from heart.