The most nonviolent beings on our planet are vultures. They never kill anyone. They never fight among themselves. They are established in ahimsa.

Vulture is a patient bird. If somebody is about to die, it will just wait patiently till he is dead, never hurrying his death. When I first came here, more than 100 vultures lived on the roof. I have never seen them fighting. They were very calm and quiet and they were not afraid of anybody.

Once we witnessed a meeting of vultures, I even have some photographs left. More than 400 vultures came here, then their king landed who was one and a half times bigger than an average vulture. He took three sips of water and flew away. And one by one all of them also flew away. We have never seen any vulture here after it. And in 10 days the last raja was cremated on that very spot of vultures’ meeting. Maybe they knew something which we don’t know.