Q: If a person is beautiful, what does it mean? Was he good in his previous life?

Sh: Physical beauty doesn’t matter. What is really important is the beauty of the mind. A beautiful person without mind will remain too busy trying to look beautiful and achieve nothing in life.

Q: Some people want to look beautiful for God — is it okay that they beautify themselves?

Sh: But trying to look beautiful for God is nothing, because you and every single person are a special creation of God. You just need to find real beauty and accept what God has given you. And only the person who accepts his nature can be happy. He accepts the truth and doesn’t try to change what God has given him. Take Michael Jackson for instance. He went through so many cosmetic surgery and died a very sick man. And his talent had nothing to do with his appearance. It was already there, without a nose or skin operations. The talent was already there, that was his real beauty which he failed to notice. So many beautiful people are moving around without talent — but who will remember them? So that beauty which God gave him was his talent. To be able to sing, to create extraordinary music and to affect millions — that was his beauty which he could not see.