The planet will continue to survive, but we have little time. I was calculating once – Earth time and human time: 100 years of human life comes only as 1/700 points of the 1 second of Earth time. It’s not time.

Q: Then the human kind can’t inflict real damage to the Earth even in 1000 years?

A: Not possible. They do not have enough time to do real damage. What is 2 000, 10 000 years, 20 000 – just 1 or 2 seconds of the Earth time.

I remember one sci-fi story relative to the topic we are discussing. There were some microbes, bacteria living on the cheek of a man. One day they started to discuss among themselves if there are intelligent life forms on other planets. There was one highly religious virus, who said: “No! God created us in its exact way so we are an exact copy of God and the only intelligent beings in the Universe”. There are no other intelligent life forms. And there was one atheist virus, who said: “You are talking about God? Where is it? If there is a God, why did He make all his children suffer?  Yesterday I fell and hurt my back, prayed to get rid of pain — and no God came to prevent it!” In general all microbes agreed their world was very strange as they observed natural phenomena: suddenly big clouds moved in the sky, sometimes a severe water flood would come; then sudden earthquakes, growth of strange plants, their extension — and then other clouds would come as the Man would take the shower, shave and change his clothes. Viruses continued to argue about God. Suddenly something big came from outer space to the cave, where they were living and cleaned them up. There was a smell of antiseptic – and microbes were no more. Man had shaved and applied after-shave lotion on his cheeks. I think we are in the same league