The existence of Earth is the most mystical thing ever. It has gone through many suns. Nobody knows its origin. I am still trying to concentrate on that problem – where is the origin of Earth? And when the energy of this sun is over, a period of hibernation will come, but Earth will continue its journey. Then she meets a new sun, the dance of life will begin again. But she will continue her journey. I am mystified by this. I begin to think that Earth is God. She is conscious. She knows everything. And whatever she decides will happen on the surface. So that’s why a thought came into my mind: form a union with the consciousness of Earth – and you will know everything. Past, present and future of Earth you will know. And also in Indian mythology this dimension of existence is called “the dimension of death”. So she may be death herself also. That’s why Shiva lives on Earth – all gods live somewhere else, but Shiva is always on Earth. Still I am trying to figure out the mystery of Earth.

In Yoni-mudra the circle of life appears to be black and white. If you look at Earth’s photograph – dark in the middle and the atmosphere all around is golden. So maybe only this technique will make you form the union with the consciousness of Earth. And every science is a study of one aspect of Earth’s nature – whether it is Physics or Biology. We are trying to study the nature of Earth. She is the biggest mystery. Basis of our life. Creator of life as well. She [Earth] is death herself. So she is moving all over the Universe, taking life from other planets and preserving it on herself. That’s why we see so much variety on Earth: from smaller stuff virus to bigger stuff animals. She is taking very good care – she is preserving all genetic records. And she is taking us somewhere. That is a question – where she is taking us. What will be the end of the journey? Earth only survives. Even when Shiva (as it is described) is doing his thunder to finish off – Earth always survives, only surface people disappear.

Somebody wanted to ask me “You know there is God”, I told him “Yes, I know there is God”. I said I’m living on God. She is our God. She provides us with everything. And in old mythology the name given to the God means “who has gold in his womb”. And see – all gold is in Earth’s womb. Inside Earth is gold. This God gives us everything. Look at it from another point of view. We have never been able to create anything new. We take everything from Earth, reshape it and use it. Everything is from Earth. And you cannot leave Earth. That is the biggest wonder. Earth is also called Kali-Krishna of dark color. She gives us blessing. She is killing us also. And after killing she continues to hold us also. Even after death you are on Earth. Even if you will go to outer space you will have to create the atmosphere of Earth and take it with you. Only then we will survive. If you are advanced to that level, then you can leave Earth.

Indians say that spirit is a very high thing; very few people are able to reach that state. The next body that you receive is when your astral body is not actually astral, it is built with air element. And even when you are living, or you are dead, or you become a god, you existence will depend on Earth: while we are living we get everything from Earth, when we die – either we are cremated, either we are buried on Earth. And if you become a god, you will be worshipped on Earth, your temples will be built on Earth and all the rituals will be done on Earth. Ultimately all gods’ duty is to provide rains and other things only on Earth. Nowhere else you will ever hear that something was done on another planet – only on Earth. So she is the queen of all the Universe. And the most beautiful looking. We are all connected with the gravity’s force and many other things. Maybe she is the Shakti of time. Time is called “Kal”, and Earth can be called “Kali”. So they complement each other.