Speaking about Carlos Castaneda I can say that his practice not self enough. They will make you contact with certain forces of nature and also remember Dondvan the guru of Carlos Castaneda, worship in Datura (Indian medical plant – editor’s note). You know datura which is a certain plant offered to Shiva and in Sanskrit its name is also shiv and it has got so many supernatural property. That is more near to the American Indian wave. But books by Carlos Castaneda were interesting and also what I expected. The death always accompanies the person. When you look at the situation suddenly you will see something that is also a fact. This practice is real. It is like nature worship, the connection with devils of the nature. And the practices described in the first edition of Elisa Bailey’s book about white magic are much higher and more spiritual in nature. In Bhagavad Gita it is written that you have to be good with your enemies. Actually the science is that you should not feel anger towards your enemy, neither love, nor anger. Keep your mind steady only then you can fight with them. This is the basic theory of any Marshall arts – Kung fu, karate. If you are angry it will affect you and you will lose so the mind should be very steady without anger. Then only you can hope to fight well and win.