Well, I will say and it’s a statement from me that the pollution is not bad for our development. In fact pollution is the only solution for human beings. You look back in the history and see: when there was no pollution at all there was no social system, nothing; we were living naked in caves; we didn’t know how to cultivate land, no farming – nothing; we were just killing animals and eating them; and everybody’s life was by twenty-five – thirty. No more than that. And we were running naked all over. The most wars were done when there was no pollution. As the human mind began to develop, more pollution came into our life. The social structure begins to develop more, better, more prosperous. And see – now they say pollution is bad. But I say it is very good. Before pollution nobody was even giving a thought for animal rights, for human rights – nothing. Now we are discussing human rights, we are discussing animal rights; people are becoming more and more vegetarians, they are practicing yoga. Also if you pass a place which is highly polluted naturally you will hold your breath for some time to pass that area. So nature means that you practice pranayam (management, control of the life energy – prana – editor’s note) even unknowingly. So you are getting benefit of pollution – all of it. People are living longer, they are looking younger, and they are learning fast, our society is becoming better and better. Before pollution life was very cheap, everybody was killing everybody, now at least there is law and order to a certain degree. Pollution is giving almost every solution to any of our problems. The pollution is the mark of progress. Hail to pollution! See – the more you think about it, the more you will like it. And when there was no pollution, people were dull, they were growing old fast, no thinking, no literature, no poetry – nothing.

See – at the time of cave-men there was absolutely no pollution. Now – art and music are touching new heights, everything is improving and improving. Pollution is the only criterion of progress. Negative and positive will always be there. Because if there is no positive, no negative – the circuit of energy will not remain complete. Only negative and positive create the real energy. It is our wisdom what we take.

You see, we are progressing, our mind is developing, and that’s why there is more pollution. Maybe a time will come when we’ll get over it. But tell me: every child all over the world – I’ve enough observation of that – every single child loves the smell of pure petrol. Maybe you also liked it when you were young. I’ve never ever seen any child who hates the smell of petrol. Even I used to love it. But nobody likes diesel – everybody loves petrol.

I would like to tell you about God Rama’s bedroom. Pure white sheets were put on his bed, powder of chamfer was sprinkled all over so that there would be no mosquito and insects who could bite. He heated his body and coated it with the paste of sandal so he was feeling good. That means they did not discover even a mosquito net, there was no fan, no mosquito repellent, no air-conditioning, no electricity – nothing. And Lord Rama never ever tasted even a single cup of tea in his life. In a way every man today is living much more luxuriously than all the previous people put together. There was no scooter, no bike, no car – nothing, because there was no pollution. And it is a very great thing that you observe and comprehend it. Today we are much-much more advanced. And I think the humanity will continue to advance – more and more. I think this is very good time, it’s our good luck that we were born in this time. That’s why it is a progress and Hanuman is Brahma on the post of creator.

Some time ago, when there was less pollution, people were unable to make new jokes. Every person was repeating old ones. Now as the pollution is increasing, the ability to create new jokes is also increasing. And it is a sign of a very intelligent mind – only an intelligent mind can create a joke.

Petrol is the essence of Mother Earth. That’s why we love its smell. We cannot call it exactly blood, but some essence of Earth is there. It is from Earth – so we love it. Though I hear that Japanese have made a car which runs on water. Let us see what will happen now.