Man: When you saw these photographs, did you remember anything from your previous as a maharaja?

S: Yes, many things.

Man: When did you remember it?

S: I had some of the memories from the very beginning.

Man: But when you were a child, you didn’t think about it.

S: I always wanted to have a beard. I had a beard for some time, then I shaved it. I had many short memories from the very beginning.

Man: So all the human beings had another bodies in previous lives. Maybe some of them had a body of an animal as well.

S: Yes, probably most of the human beings had another bodies.

Man: And it doesn’t matter whether they were Muslims, or Christians, or Hindus?

S: It doesn’t matter. The Christians are making more researches on reincarnation and the life after death than anyone else nowadays. They have found very strong evidence that these things do happen. There has been invented a special machine in America and one of my disciples brought it to me. They put something on your head and you begin to see other sides of life. They wanted to have my opinion on it and they gave it to me.

Man: When Anatoly Karpov, a world chess champion, was 5-7 years old, he could play chess amazingly well. The only explanation I have is that he was a champion in his previous life. What do you think?

S: I’m sure of it. He carries some memories and skills from his past.

Man2: I have never studied riding a horse, but once I have sat on a horse and began to ride without any problem. I have never studied driving a car, but once I have entered the car and started driving.

Man: A question about the body. How does it differ from one life to another?

S: It can be absolutely different.

Man: And a character?

S: It also differs. It depends on the life plan the spirit has. We had a very good discussion with Sergey about DNA and the information it has. Body is so complicated. But the moment a spirit leaves, body becomes nothing. That means that the knowledge of the spirit is extremely important.

Man: How does a spirit carry information?

S: It doesn’t need a body to carry it, the spirit carries in in its consciousness.

Man: Where is his consciousness? Is it in his air body? Or is it somewhere in the planet Earth and he just has a certain connection to it?

S: The spirit is beyond the 5 elements. For us it is impossible to imagine something that is beyond the 5 elements. We don’t know how he carries it. Maybe the spirit has the information in the Void, in the consciousness of the Void.

Man: If a spirit was a bad-tempered one in his previous life, would he be the same in the next life?

S: Maybe he will find himself in very humble circumstances in the next life. It is very frustrating to find yourself in very humble circumstances if you were a king in a previous life.