S: A lonely man cannot be happy. No matter how many millions he has, if he has no friends, he is the unhappiest and the poorest person in the world. I used to go to school by bicycle. There was a man who was repairing bicycles. He was the happiest man I’ve ever seen. He was poor, because his work was just to repair bicycles. I liked to discuss things with him. He used to sing a song to his wife: “A guest has arrived. So, my love, please make a tea for us!” And she used to answer singing from a kitchen. That was the happiest couple I’ve ever seen! I always felt very good there.

Man: You have also mentioned another man, whom you called “one of the happiest”. The one who killed several persons out of revenge and spent his days in a prison.

S: Yes, he was satisfied and happy in that particular moment. But the man with the bicycles was happy every day. The other was happy the moment he killed his enemies, then he went to prison and spent his life there enjoying the feeling of satisfaction. But the man who was always singing songs to his wife was just fantastic! It was a great privilege for me to know these people, just to see them and to be happy with them. They were from Gwalior. So even very simple people who have never heard of yoga can be very happy. Their hearts were good. He was always ready to help others.

Man: So do you think that if somebody is always happy to help somebody, he is happier than those who don’t have this ability?

S: I think their mood makes them happier, yes. They always are very happy. I don’t know if he is still alive or not. It was long ago when I saw him the last time. He was about 50.

Man: Oh, really? I thought that he was a young man.

S: No, he was 50. And he loved singing songs. And he was very romantic with his wife.

Man: And what was the age of his wife?

S: I’m not sure now, but usually in India the wives are 3-5 years younger.