When the situation a person is to face is difficult he should feel it. But first he should determine what he wants from life. If he thinks that situation is just a disturbance, it is not needed in his life-course – then he can avoid that. But if it is a challenge of any type – then he should face it. Why not? Because facing a certain situation as a challenge and overcoming it will make a person much more confident and he will know more about himself – how he reacts, what he would do, what his mind decides at that moment. It will make him better. Face the situation, never run away from any situation – and then you can face anyone. You will have my support on that, no matter who you are facing – face it. A person with a negative mind will be attracting more and more bad situations. And if a person has a positive mind, an open mind – not many bad situations will happen, more positive situations will come. And it will help in the progress in life. Because every situation is just a stepping stone so you can go even higher. If you are already sad – as the result negative things will happen, if you practice yoga and have a positive attitude towards the world – then more and more positive things will happen.