Brightness of the sun, which for a lay observer is blazing, is also the cause of illuminating the moon. Those alone, who can bear with the intense brilliance of knowledge and can reflect it, appear cool like a moon in this world. But remember the coolness is but a scaled down form of brilliance of knowledge. One who emits light must burn. That the moon is chosen to reflect light of the sun by its grace is an observation of earthlings. Truth is that the sun is shining, blazing with the brilliance of his own knowledge, it completely overlooks whether its brilliance is being reflected or not by anybody. The modest moon, which cannot hold even a minute part of its brilliance, only reflects it; may appear to be emitting moonlight to be a casual observer with narrow vision.


Those who can realize the burning of the sun in his intense self-earned brilliance know that the life of a realized person is also like burning in the fires of wisdom.


When I shall depart from here may my parting message read like this — “ I have dispensed whatever best I had. I have bestowed all my treasure to whoever came to me, always removed thorns form the hurt hearts and embellished them with flowers; trade I did was such that I took the worst of others and gave all my best. My only distress is that I could not dispense the delight of doing all this to others.” May thus be my parting message when I shall depart form here.


It is said that lovelorn people get divested are ruined in love but those who consider physical attraction as love know not that lovers can be divested of everything but who can rob them of their satisfaction of being in love.


The journey form ignorance to the moment of realization begins after begetting the grace of Guru.


Despite being a human, the one who lives animal-like life; becomes a “Mahatma”.


Yama means a spell of three hours. A Sadhaka, who can expand up to three hours, the dimension of prana that is manifested by means of breath; is called as a Sadhaka of pranayam. That human body remains unaffected after death for three hours is well known, a Sadhak who can expand the dimension of prana up to a yama, can realize the death during his lifetime by means of his temporal body. This is the real pranayam Sadhana.


People have narrowed the meaning of a great concept like character to erotic behavior. To me character means the way a person conducts himself during his journey from birth until this death. Himself, his efforts, success, failures, reason or lack of it all together form his character. While advancing when advance comes to end the character of the person is born.


Sin may be simply defined as an act, which causes its executor to burn in the fire of repentance after doing it, and the ambers of repentance withholds all his progress. Any such act may be called as sin.


Deposing like that which one is not and feeling oneself to be like that is called as ‘false ego’. Said in other words false ego is nothing but vanity. When one is disposed in sublime ego, the one in such disposition unites with the entire world and beholds him everywhere.


Ordinary means those whom some one else has supported i.e. those who need someone to support their existence are all called as ordinary.

Extraordinary or exclusive are those who do not need anybody’s support, because they support themselves, they do not need anybody for their existence. The one who is recognized by his own existence is extra ordinary or exclusive!

Such great persons who do not need anybody’s support for their existence are known as extraordinary.


When a person who has achieved certain level, finds that someone is making efforts to rise in his life and feels heartfelt sympathy for him, his desire to help him is called as compassion.


An unexpressed thought finds expression mainly with the support of word and vision. Thoughts are induced in our mind whenever we hear a sound or observe something. When it is said that it is auspicious even to sight a saintly person the underlying meaning is that the sight of a saintly person causes inspiring thought to spring up in mind, which in turn induces piousness in the observer. The piousness thus induced inspires him to imitate the saintly person. Charmed by such inspiration he himself makes efforts to attain saintliness, and becomes himself a saint.


Saintly person is the one, who knows in totality about his I-consciousness.


Ultimate beauty can be grasped by realizing the beauty in frightfulness and by applying it gracefully.


Heart touching compassion springs up only when attraction for physical touch is over.


A person replete with yogic power abandons the mortal body by penetrating the cosmos by means of pranayama and attains beatitude. The state of consciousness, which is called as beatitude is an extremity of consciousness. Said in other words all impediments, physical as well as mental, which obstruct the progress of consciousness, disappear at the moment of penetration of cosmos by mean of yogic power and the consciousness of such great person attains extremity. This is called as disintegration of conscious by mean of pranayam.


Just as infinite energy prevailing inside an atom is manifested when the atom is disintegrated, much in the same manner the dormant consciousness of human mind is awakened and manifested in its entire infinitude, when consciousness is disintegrated by means of pranayam. One who successfully conducts this experiment is at liberty to apply this unlimited energy at his will. It is at his judgment that he may at his free will create a new world or annihilate the existing one.


Every man remains a child lifelong and every woman is always a mother even if she is a child.


When a person is seen to be unhappy for lack of accomplishment of some of his ambition, others feel sympathy for him. Sympathy thus originated transforms later into a feeling of being comparatively happier than the person for whom sympathy initially originated. The moment, at which this feeling is born, the initial feeling of sympathy is dead. A person begins to feel a cruel joy of being happier than the unhappy one. It is distressing that majority of persons in society feel happy with this cruel joy. For them, someone else’s unhappiness in merely a means of feeling happier themselves.


Those who are confined within physical limitations and assume sensual pleasure to be the only pleasure do not realize that a person who appears to be passive towards physical pleasures enjoys much higher pleasures, because, he has overcome physical limitations by realizing them and has enjoyed the immensity of his consciousness. From a commoner’s viewpoint, compared with sensual persons, a yogi can be described as one who enjoys the pleasure of infinitum up to the expanse of infinity.


Those, who, having realized the truth of life, live it in its totality and make great advances, are sagacious.


Controlled imagination which is applied for realizing some specific imagination is resolve.


Extraordinarily dynamic abstraction is called as thought. Unexpressed abstraction is initially expressed as a thought. Unexpressed thought is expressed  by means of word and vision.


Being adapted to a specific behavioral pattern is called as establishment.


Restlessness to fulfill a specific objective is called as avidity.


A process of developing confidence of being able to do something is called as practice.


Practice when successfully accomplished gives capability.


Capable is one who exudes confidence of being able to do everything all by himself.


We often say what is the use of making mere imagination about reality. But reality can be imagined only when it is realized.


Fear evokes only from the unknown. The moment fear is overcome courage is born.


Violence arouses out of inability to sustain loneliness. Those great people, who, whilst being surrounded by all, are still lonely at mental plane, can only be nonviolent in real terms.

Further in-depth pondering reveals that so long as a person has several thoughts inhabited in his mind mental violence will always be present in his mind i.e., conflict between thoughts is mental violence.

The moment a person becomes successful in focusing all his thoughts and can unify them, he attains mental non-violence also.


In my style I shall live,

In my manner I shall breathe,

Free to live the way I like.

Forced to live not its way

A plant also dies out

Forced to live not it’s way

A man is ruined too.


Those who feel that they know me better than I know myself; do not know that they know nothing. After I realized this, I prefer to speak nothing.


Yes, I am a perfect man. I can stand up and declare before the entire world that I am perfect. Let someone point out a flaw in my imperfection. I am perfectly imperfect. Nowhere there is any flaw in my imperfection. Yes, I am perfect, a perfect man!


Gloom exists only for those who cannot fix the goal of their life. Those great people, who could fix the goal of their life, make life staking efforts to achieve their goal. For them there exists no gloom. They continue to step forward in the direction of their goal and continue to do like this. When journey of the body comes to an end, its consciousness drives them onwards from that point. Journey begins only when destination is fixed.


Truth prevails beyond the reach of imagination. Those who assume their imagination to be a reality do not realize that their imagination can be real in the realm of imaginations but it is not necessary that reality will essentially tally with their imagination.


A person who could not enrich his mind and is unable to understand human compassions abstractions, miseries and inspirations cannot live without doing physical labor.

It requires extremely rich mind to sit quiet. Whoever has endeavored to enrich his mind appears to others as quiet and quiescent.


We cannot stoop to a lower level to compromise with the circumstances. It is for circumstances to adjust to a level at par with ours.


We have always lived our life beyond our means, and now the means of living are rising to match with our lifestyle. Said in other words, if we always live beyond our means of life, they will invariably adjust to match with our life style.


One happily sits in darkness, when the darkness in the life is all over.


Everybody who is born on this earth is one in millions. It is not easy to imagine how competitive it was to be born. The competitions later faced during lifetime, are nowhere as fierce as the one for taking a birth.

Millions of almost identical sperms raced for taking birth, and everyone amongst the racers knew that the winner alone would take birth; the laggards will all perish.

We all are here after winning such race at our level. But lo and behold, we yet do not realize the importance of this hard earned human life. Should we fritter away such precious gift or should we harness this opportunity, which has fortunately come our way to make our life meaningful. Those who could imagine a wee bit about the competition of birth, made great efforts, conducted several experiments, performed penance, developed various schools of thought (which we call as Shastras) in order to attain totality! All this because it was so difficult to win this competition even once and even a thought of winning it time and again is almost impossible. For this reason we all who are born after winning this great competition, should not fritter away this great opportunity and develop ourselves in totality so that we no more need to participate in this competition.


One who remains physically weak realizes at the dusk of his life that he could achieve nothing. On the other hand those who attained high levels of physical developments are not found to suffer form frustration at the dusk of life. While gradually developing their physical capabilities, they begin to realize that their mental capabilities are growing with the physical ones, and having realized this when they endeavor to fully understand the mind, they no longer remain ignorant about the divinity, which is latently present in body and mind. They attain ability to understand this divinity, which is latently present in body and mind. They attain ability to understand this divinity in its entirely. The only caution to exercise is not to halt at any level, and endeavor to advance more, more and still more.


The fastest flow in this world is that of imagination. Those who are imaginative, have the capability of doing anything under the blue, because numerous thoughts are not just a crowd of thoughts for them, but every thought has an intimate relation with them. All those manifestations which we observe in this world, be it anything form meals to spaceships, all are the consequence of an imaginative person establishing friendship with one specific thought chosen form the crowd.


While paying respect to women, even this is enough to say that their body is such great field, which performs the great task of manifesting an unmanifested soul by means of physical body.


Desirous of making an abode, people make houses and pass away.


No mistake has ever been conducted deliberately. An act, which is done after full deliberations, is found to be a mistake on afterthought.


The most serious crime is that which one commits unto him. Because so long as one remains guilty-conscious about the crime committed unto him, his latent capabilities cannot be delivered. The most serious offence is to stall the progress of one’s latent capabilities and to ruin the possibilities of someone’s latent capabilities from awakening.


True conciliation can be given by a person whose association arouses the very best facet of his companions. To arouse the very best facet of some one’s personality can be said to be the best conciliation to any body.


Journey towards attaining satisfaction begins at the moment the best facet of ones personality springs up. When the personality of a person grows up to excellence, growth having reached an end, the person becomes “Possessed of end” and stays satisfied.


Only those who were full of life could plunge into the depths of life. Everywhere it in found that dead bodies float, but it takes life to take a plunge.


If we take an overview of the entire human society we find that a fairly large percentage of people despise their work or dislike it and the success keeps itself away from them. Whenever we come across a person who loves his work, we are facing a successful person.


Those alone who could realize the truth of life could speak out the truth. Those who could not realize the truth of life are living a false life and can never come out with the truth.


Humming of expression of a rejected person begets same attention as a birdsong against the tumult of drums, and people ignore it even if it is heard. Those who shield themselves by their arrogance care little for the wounds of others urges. This is perhaps why all efforts are made to ignore every great expression but alas they are not aware that when the spear of inspiration blows, what flows from it is embraced by time, and is also embellished by time itself. Oh! Look at the vexation of those who ignore these expressions, their own progeny bows before these expressions. Those who can see might see; those who can understand, might understand that this statement of mine has an approval of history.


Those who are devoid of intellectual activity continue to grow stupid and consume themselves in nurturing it. Said differently, those who stand still as far as mental activity is concerned stick to their mind set.


The one who owns end is a saint and he alone is accomplished. In order words, the one who can realize the end of breaths by riding over them begins to own the breaths and thus becomes a saint. Being a saint, he knows the end and stays accomplished.


Agreed that friends are helpful in begetting success; but it needs enemies to achieve greater success.


Everybody is himself a hero of his life. How we chart out our life is more important for us than it is to others.


Trust in oneself is a consequence of knowing oneself. Self-realization begins from the moment one develops trust in oneself.


When established in nonviolence, a person becomes physically capable of preserving seminal substance and becomes stronger and behaves religiously.


First introduction causes recognition; last introduction is the result of knowing.


If you find experience that is generally associated with old age, together with the innocence of childhood, you surely are meeting a sage.


Far-reaching decisions are always taken in youth, after growing old one is so much tied up by petty decisions of the past that one in no longer capable of taking big decisions.


When a person attains a certain level, he feels sympathy for others who endeavor to make progress, because he has himself passed through similar struggle. Then appears a desire to help him out of sympathy, which is termed as compassion. When compassion finds expression, the offer to the struggling person for exchanging one’s experience is called charity. The struggling person on receiving charity is greatly enthused to advance towards his goal; and it is that much easier for him to attain his goal. Proper guidance is a real blessing, which causes consciousness to advance toward totality in all its facets.


Those, who are nervous about the irregular style of their life for nothing, know not that they are living a perfectly regular life in being regularly irregular in their style.


Some people live their life as if it were a punishment and are deprived of experiencing the loveliness of life. Err, behold the limit of their nervousness, they who consider this life as punishment do not care to know the guilt for which they are being punished and yet feel convinced that it is a punishment.


The most important honor is the one, which one bestows upon himself.


One who attempts to earn respectability by telling lies does not realize how much he is humiliating himself by doing so.


Those who consider themselves as spiritual often torment their body in the confusion of performing penance. They beget only physical and mental deformation. They probably don’t realize that vitalizing the body up to its ultimate limits is itself a consequence of intense penance.


Cremation is that last rite in the life of a person in which one’s own body is offered as an oblation to the sacred fire. Those who have a desire to execute successfully this last rite need to endeavor to vitalize their body up to the ultimate limits. While vitalizing their body, they will realize the immense spread of their mind, and upon knowing physical limitations their consciousness will grow beyond these limits and make this last rite of theirs a big success.


When truth springs up in the heart, there is no field in which success is remote.


A person should stand up like a wall across a road to failure, then only he will succeed.


The more the questions posed to a person, the higher grows his ability to answer.


Imagination is always more enticing or more frightful than the reality.


When relations are carried on rather unwillingly, it is clear that their end to imminent.


If you observe that in someone’s family the housewife is time and again in altercation with her spouse, throws invectives and her tension is growing dangerously high, then it should be understood that she is in love with someone else, and considers her spouse to be responsible for not reaching him. In this manner she is only expressing her frustration in love by targeting her husband and his progeny born to her.


Disbursing joy or sprouting gloom in a family are both ordinary tasks for a woman.


Any women, merely for rearing children cannot be ordained as respectable. Her respectability is established only when extent of her success in bringing out the best attributes of the personality of her children is evaluated.


A woman who is deep in love with her spouse alone can disburse delight. A women who unwillingly accepts a person as her spouse is lost in someone else’s dreams and feels satisfied in making her husband’s life miserable.


Scanning of the entire history reveals that a married woman who fails in virtue invariably produces children who ruin that family.


Nobody can claim with confidence that the person being introduced as his father is indeed his father. Only his mother knows who his father is.


If you find that a particular family is facing a spell of failures and miserable lifestyle, inference is that there is a question mark in the family lineage in the near past. More specifically, there ought to be a child born in previous three generations who is born not to the father said to be his.


Vicious mentality of a person can be clearly observed on his face much in the same way as his pious mentality becomes evident by observing the face. No body ever in this world could successfully conceal his viciousness or piousness form others.


One, who is not capable of winning the heart of a woman, advances to attempt rape.

Every act of rape has at its root mainly an inferiority complex arising out of lack of sexual power.


A complete man is always seen to behave naturally and gracefully with women. Because he does not suffer form any frustration arising out of inferiority complex related with his manliness.


It is enough for giving tension to a person to be informed by his wife, sister, mother, daughter or female friend that someone is staring at them.


Opposition of the tradition of sati, although never ever such tradition has existed and yet whatever is presently described as tradition, was mostly done by those women whose love for their spouse lacked completeness. The great thought that love for someone could be so intense that one cannot live after the demise of her spouse produces frustration in them. This very frustration is expressed as anger towards sati tradition. Those who oppose sati probably don’t understand that a woman is a sati during the lifetime of her husband. But those who consider tradition of murder as tradition of sati do not realize this. Man and woman, in social context husband and wife in ultimate love and compassion for each other produce virtuosity that is Satitva. This is that great emotion, which when a woman experiences, becomes a goddess from the moment she has this experience. If any woman deserves worship in this world, it is such goddess. Fortunate, are those who chanced to see such a sati during their lifetime.


If you find a man to be unnecessarily revile towards women and full with frustrations, or a husband to be resentful towards his spouse for nothing, it is a sure indication of lack of vitality in him. Or straightway he has grave doubts about his sexual strength. Lack of sexual strength causes extreme frustration in him, which in turn is expressed as revilement and misconduct towards women. Many amongst the commoners in the society have been observed by myself to be fearful because of this weakness that their partner may establish an affair with some body.


It is commonly said that women are very envious and perhaps they are envious too and yet I shall assert that envy of women is very much puny compared with that of men. Envy of men has resulted in wars, which could put a question mark on the future existence of human beings.


Some so-called modern scholars, who have learned from ancient scriptures that women have eight times extra sexual desire, influenced by their inferiority complex due to lack of potency are found to misbehave with them. Perhaps they don’t realize that the one who has manifested this universe has done injustice to none. If women have eight times extra sexual desire it is but a God’s gift to them for bearing labor pains.


No sperm could so-ever see his creator until it does not, with the help of ovum of a woman or mother acquire the form of his creator, i.e. only after taking birth in the womb of a mother can it know who his father is. Perhaps the knowledge of god might also be coming in this manner only.

Someone asked why men are attracted towards women. The basis of male’s attraction towards female lies in the race of his sperm towards an ovum for protecting its existence. It has this knowledge while racing agitatedly towards an ovum that a woman alone can provide a basis for its protection. It becomes calm soon after meeting an ovum and from here begins the next phase of its development by the mother. This only is the basis of male attraction towards female because only through her medium is the continuity of his existence (that is lineage of his progeny) on the earth assured.


Common people expect very high standard of moral conduct from widowed women and bereaved husbands. Those who make such high expectations probably do not realize that a widow is a woman and a bereaved husband is a man.  Hence their moral conduct would be similar to any other man or woman. Age, surroundings and circumstances do not influence his/her morality. To make unduly high expectations from them is inhuman.


Presently it is indeed a great achievement for a common man to be respected by his spouse.


For majority of people it is an achievement to earn parenthood and to grow old.


Sexual attraction or mutual affection between men and women is endowed upon them by the almighty to honor them with parenthood. Those who call men and women in mutual affection as immoral beings fail to realize that they are desperate only to become parents. The only thing is that they haven’t yet understood this.


Everybody is garnishing within him a consciousness, which, by a little manipulation can cause him to experience fathomless downfall, and that same consciousness, on getting proper direction can cause him to experience such great heights of glory, a mere imagination of which is awesome for common people.


One who is regarded as respectable is attributed with godliness by his followers who expect such extra-ordinary divinity from him that even his natural human facets become unbearable for them. They forget that such respectable person has in him all natural human weaknesses and yet he has done something by proper application of his consciousness, which is adorable. To pay respect to somebody provided it is not forced upon him; is but an acclaim of his efforts of progressing beyond his limits.


Respect, which easily comes merely by way of proximity with great person, is one such thing that very few people can digest successfully. Hence people lacking in truthfulness cannot preserve such easily gotten respect. A person, whatever his level — great or mean should never forget his lot.


Strong human efforts combined with extremely sharp intellect are necessary for attaining heights of glory.


When realism springs up in the heart; no achievement is far away.


The anger arising due to frustration of not making great attainment in life, no one knows why a person directs against his children. And while doing this he forgets that his children are the result of his owns acts. Instead of expressing revilement, if he were to analyze his shortcomings and educate his children accordingly; perhaps his children would develop as per his aspirations.


Old age should be respected for the experience associated with it, but if an old man expects to be respected merely because he has grown old, then be sure that he has grown up only physically but on the test of experience he in only a child.


Those who consider this body to be frigid do not realize that this is that root supported by which grows the creeper of consciousness and to which blooms the flowers of knowledge.


Envy is that feeling which is expressed as revilement arising out of one’s inferiority complex.


An envious person can never be a good competitor.


That spell of time which we could capture or could experience, we call it memory. One expects too much from life; and consumes his entire life in the hope of some or other gain from the life. And lo, he would have perhaps gained all that in the hope of which he was consuming all his life only if he were to treat life as life.


No one knows in how many relationships a person plants his own affections and then desires in return for his planted affections, the real attachment. The poor fellow does not realize that only planted affection can accrue in return for his show of affection. Lo, he could understand that only when attachment for all springs up in the heart does one meet the really attached ones. Attached is one who has attachment.


Heart-felt emotions are expressed by tears. Tears are those flowers, which blossom out of emotions emanating from within a person. These are those flowers, which are offered as obeisance for the best emotions of life.


There is no path in the world, which does not take those treading upon it to some-where.


You cannot help distressed people by being yourself in distress. When a person identifies all causes of his distress and distances himself from them, then only he is capable of giving some comfort to a distressed person. Unless he is not himself established in peace he cannot tell others to be peaceful.


Everybody has the capacity to think big and even bigger, but the prowess to materialize these thoughts is rarely found.


One who has never committed a sin can never understand holiness. It is difficult to identify great people without having ever interacted with wicked people. And yet if you desire to become great yourself you have to cleanse your mind of the filth of wickedness.


Look at the beauty of human mind — while suffering from miseries he has began to feel happy merely by the thought of happiness while still being in misery. Perhaps miseries have a happiness of their own. Yet, I will say that instead of feeling happy in miseries one must obviate the causes of misery.


All those acts, which are termed as inhuman, are entirely human because a human being alone executes such so-called inhuman acts.


Apparels are the cause of appeal for nudity.


Capacity to analyze any situation on the basis of memory is called intellect.


To consume one’s life in the frustration of not having brought into shape one’s dreams, cannot be termed as wisdom.


Majority of people do not understand until the end of their life, the purpose of their life and end up themselves while leading a purposeless life. Whoever his identified the purpose of his life and endeavored to accomplish it has been recognized by historians.


Those who are afraid of sorrow do not realize that the sorrow, which they fear today, would also be cause of their pleasures of tomorrow. Mansions of joy are built on the foundation of sorrow.


Those who could separate out immorality within morality and morality within immorality could advance in the direction of becoming sagacious. We should realize that whatever is described as either morality or immorality is but a set of social etiquettes formed on the basis of space and time.


When a man is advancing according to his nature; he is closer to emancipation.


One who receives commands feels how comfortable his commander must be. But perhaps he cannot estimate the fight for reaching the stage of issuing commands as well as the responsibility and dutifulness behind every command.


Now a days we are living in an age when dishonesty is practiced with total honestly and adulteration in every substance is at its purest form, and lies are spoken with complete truthfulness, which are true only in the form of falsehood.



Those who are advancing slowly can never keep company with those who are advancing fast. When one begins to advance faster and while advancing when it reaches the limit of beatitude he finds that those who started with him, due to their slowness no one knows when and where they were left behind. Those who slowed down themselves to keep their company out of attachment beget only frustration and circumvention. A person needs to put in great efforts to attain the totality of advancement and be established there by overcoming all hindrances.

Obeisance is kindled towards every such person whose proximity reveals the beauty of our existence, whose company causes experience of I-consciousness with full strength and gives understanding of the beauty of one’s existence.


How much greatness we have conferred upon our attachments by calling them our commitments.


When a person is in dire need of support he begets only blows from all quarters. No body gives him support or conciliation. Wondrous it is that many are willing to give him support when by his efforts he has strengthened his status and he no more needs anybody’s support. Perhaps they seek his support under the guise of supporting that strong person.


People consider acquaintances as friends and then expect cooperation from them. When they do not receive co-operation they are sorry because their friends are not cooperating. But they need to understand that if they have any friends, they surely will render help.


Feeling of assurance, which arises when the belly is full, kills greatest ambitions of a person.


A person who blazes all along his life in the anxiety of dousing the fire of hunger ultimately burns in the fire of funeral.


Those who perform tainted acts in the assumption that acts were pious indeed face a consequence by way of which they blaze all their life in repentance. In order to assuage the burns of repentance, the only lotion is to temper in the fire of yoga.


No body is recognized in the history for his riches. People can be recognized only for their acts.


Conferred attachment is called delusion.


While again and again explaining to the people, I have realized that unless one doesn’t grow realistic enough to realize his non-realization it seems not possible to explain him anything. From the moment I realized this I prefer to keep mum. While realizing this you get to feel that ‘look, how nonrealistic is realization, that it is not realistic enough to realize even itself’.


Yogi is one in whose life there is absolutely no disassociation.


Every moment of the life of yogi is full of unmatched splendor because moments of union are always splendid.


If mere imaginations were horses; lazy and indolent people would be great riders.


What is emancipation? Yogis discuss emancipation in two different ways.

One is that kind about which it is said that this was last time that he was born. This means that he didn’t at all die after his birth and attained immortality together with his body.

The other form which is affirmed by yogis is like this. Atman (soul) is immortal but identity of soul changes in every life. After begetting knowledge of Atman by means of practicing yoga, its identity is confirmed and even while taking several births at will, the original identify remains confirmed and is always recognized.

The first form of emancipation, I affirm again, is possible only by the blessings of Lord Shiva and by blessings of Lord Dattatreya; the guru of all gurus because they are the founders of yoga vidya.

The other form of emancipation can be attained by performing intense penance and by the grace of yogi guru in these traditions.

Yoga has only these two forms of emancipation to offer.


Some one recently asked why there are ancient temple displaying figures in sexual embrace? Is it not an exhibition of obscenity?

While explaining this we have to ponder upon as to what is copulation and what is its consequence. Everybody knows that its object is to gain pleasure and to perpetuate the lineage of progeny. Then what prompted such a gross act to be depicted on the temples?

To the extent that I understand a yogi alone is qualified to explain this.

Copulation is a process by means of which an invisible, incorporeal soul is attracted which upon admission into he womb unites with a mundane body and is born in this world. Ancient yogis recognized this fact and discovered several means to attract divine souls on the earth on the basis of copulation. This wasn’t later understood and was therefore termed as obscene and some so-called social reformers, who themselves were the consequence of copulation, also attacked this display. Wherever on ancient temples there are conjugal posters on display, they are there as an act of attracting that specific god on the earth and establish him in the temple, which only highly accomplished great yogis performed for the prosperity of mankind.

In order to successfully perform this act, the preparedness of sadhak requires practice of perfecting Vajroli Mudra etc in which copulation without ejaculation by exciting specific veins is performed with special skill to attract on the earth, a specific divine god that is one of great souls of the subtle world, and to provide them the basis of specific idol and thus retain them on the earth so that those common people who are not familiar with Yoga and are unable to perform penance, can also experience their divine presence and thus accomplish their life.


It is necessary to remain attached somewhere for experiencing the height of life much in the same way as the string of the kite allows it to kiss the heights of sky only as long as it is attached with somebody. No sooner than this connection breaks, it falls down upon the ground.


When wrongs are committed time and again; the life also goes the wrong way.

Bondage is a must for maintaining existence.


All over the history so far, crimes are committed the most in the history of democracy only.


Crime in one such word or an imaginary vice which is despicable when found in others but one would rationalize the same and even nurture within him.


Miracle is a thought. Those who lack the capacity to understand, everything that they don’t understand is a miracle. One who realizes the thought is established in right thinking, and for him miracle is a thought.


There is a crime behind every big fortune.


Just as we have the liberty to commit crime we also have the strength to prevent crime. This must have been the reason why legal system developed in the society.


When a big crisis confronts a man and he somehow musters courage and puts in efforts to resolve it, then from the moment he decide to face the crisis, his personality begins to grow stronger.


How easy it is to criticize others, and to exaggerate their shortcomings? A critic while criticizing others also nurtures an illusion of his eminence. But to the extent I have observed, those who always criticize others are always far away from the excellent facets of life and consume themselves while living an ordinary life. But those who experience both the good and the bad, although both are arbitrary, and develop their consciousness, overcome its shortcomings, elevate the consciousness of others by their own example and proceed towards experiencing the totality of their life. Accomplishment of life perhaps lies in living life like this only.


One observes truth and despite its evidence, does not accept it because the truth does not conform to his imagination and this happens because his imagination does not conform to the truth.


First step forward towards attaining greatness is in itself quite great. The greater the challenge one accepts for his life, the greater the greatness he earns for himself.


Principally there is no difference between coal and diamond, this statement can cause some delight to the coal. But it should understand that unless it does not successfully bear with extremely high pressure and temperature it cannot undergo transition in diamond form. The same way with human beings there is principally no difference between an ordinary person and a great person and yet only that person, who in order to attain greatness, puts efforts, bears with several mental stresses and ventures to do hard work for achieving his goal is elevated from ordinary level to great levels and is then admitted into tradition of great people.


If you observe that your acquaintances and so-called kin are out to reproach you more and more or you are facing heaps of problems, then be sure that you are following the right path. Because nobody so far has shown courage to restrain those who were committing tainted acts, nor has anybody shown courage to say anything to persons of criminal mentality. This so called society reproaches and seeks glory in reproaching those who are virtuous and gentle at their heart, because they are sure enough that the reproached person being gentle will not harm the reproacher. That’s why if you observe somebody being unnecessarily denounced, reproached, humiliated, chided, you may infer that the person must surely be gentle and following the right path.


It is necessary to have greatness in a person for performing great tasks. Only those who had greatness could succeed in executing great tasks in this world.


Curiously is born at the moment a question terminates, knowledge begins form where curiosity terminates.


A person who desires to elevate his life to the heights of greatness should never forget the past events of his life as well as his mistakes. Because this is that face of life, the experience of which provides him with the impetus to proceed towards attaining greatness by forsaking his own trivialities. Also he gets to realize that whatever he has done and has endured should not be repeated in life.


Secret of success of a successful person can be understood by observing an unsuccessful person. The only difference between the two is that an unsuccessful person is unaware of what desires to achieve in life and his potential and for this reason his disoriented efforts give him the result of failure.

On the other hand a successful person has realized what he desires in his life and he knows his potential. These are those reasons due to which his focused efforts give him the success of attaining results.


Just as it is almost impossible to gaze at the sun continuously, much in the same way it is difficult to continuously experience human emotions, compassions, agonies, impulses, and feelings of I–consciousness. Those who could continuously experience the feeling of I–consciousness could understand the life and also recognize death in its truth.


Many people feel that they know me more than I know myself. But little do they know that I have been able to achieve proximity with me by understanding myself a wee bit after intense hard work for years. Instead of evaluating me, they should better endeavor to know themselves.


I know my breaths will cease one day, soul will abandon this body and death will occur. Death is one such experience which will occur to everybody on some or other day, and yet I will say after comprehending death and until the moment of death, I will endeavor to live each and every moment of it in its entirety and when the moment of death will confront me, I will experience the death in its entirety at that moment and will make it meaningful. Significance of knowing kal lies in experiencing every bit of it in its entirety.


Those who are anxious because of thoughts being berserk perhaps do not know that thoughts can be tamed by tying them with a thread of breaths.


Word is only a symbol to indicate an expressed thought.


An unexpressed thought is expressed by means of word and a word is preserved in memory by means of script. We can realize after pondering that our body also is a medium of preserving in memory, the consciousness that is an expression of the ultimate consciousness.


Looking at the universe it appears as if God has expressed some of his thoughts in a conscious form and has scripted it through the medium of universe. Who ever could interpret this script, such great person only could succeed in approaching its creator.


An act is a manifestation of thought taking place through the medium of body.


At the root of violence is an inferiority complex of a person. Violence erupts in mind towards a person with respect to whom one finds himself inferior.


Reasoning and counter-reasoning is only a process of giving clarity to one’s thoughts. The more is the clarity of thoughts the more clear will be the efforts, and clear efforts alone is the step towards attaining success.


Self styled sentimental and grace-admiring people are often found to be aggrieved because grace was outraged or because ugliness came to the fore, and this was done and was witnessed being done. Attention should also be given to other facet of this and they should realize that what appears on plain observation may look like grace being destroyed, but destruction also has its own grace. What is called as grace is merely a thought and thought is comprehended when one realizes that whatever until then was being considered as grace was limited by the limitations of word and vision. The real understanding of grace is born only upon rising above the limitations of word and vision. In my opinion, there is nothing in this universe, which is not graceful.


People take refuge behind massive reasoning to justify their limitations.


It does not seem possible to understand the dynamics of life without first understanding the statics of death.


Knowledge of ultimate spirit begins after knowing the soul. Ultimate spirit means knowing the ultimate divinity of one’s soul.


Most of the indolent people who are living a disoriented life are mentally at par with those eunuchs who reach wherever celebrations are going on just for clapping.


If the goal of life has become clear to you, the path, which leads to it, will also become clear to you.


The purpose of life is to undertake a task, which provides us with hearty delight and it depend upon person to person as to what or which task would provide him the feeling of hearty delight. We must understand in this regard that hearty delight is entirely heart felt and a spiritual feeling, just like that of love.


Spirituality begins together with the creation of body because the feeling of I–consciousness is experienced only by means of the body and the more the physical exercise that we put in, the stronger that feeling grows. It would also be appropriate to put it this way — that what we call as physical development begins together with mental development only. Whenever a yogi is using the term body, it denotes everything that is associated with soul, consciousness, and all awakened and dormant capabilities.


Indians are asked as to why they call cow as mother and on this point they are even ridiculed because Hindus at once cannot explain the rationale behind this.

When I acquired a field of cows it has slowly dawned upon me that association with mother cow is essential for undergoing penance.

In ancient times whenever an aspiring person approached a sage and made philosophical questions, the sage would give him some cows and ask him to return only when they would multiply up to a certain number like, say one thousand. Disciple would obediently follow. On his return the sage would give him an advice in a sentence and he would become knowledgeable.

The underlying mystery is that while doing service of the cows in the jungle and enduring on the diet of bulbs, roots, fruits and milk, a faculty of subtle thinking develops. Cows have a special effect of developing subtleness. Association with cows enriches the disciple with mental subtleness. Disciple becomes a telepath to a certain extent. He begins to understand the subtleties behind material objects. Cows possess a strong property of thought-transmission, which they transfer upon the disciple, who serves them by heart and then he becomes possessed of the capacity to understand the subtle abstractions underlying the manifestations of the nature and all creations. On his return when he approaches guru, he immediately understands the essence of his single line advice by the blessings of mother-cow and becomes a knower.


If castles are to be built in air, build them huge and still more huge. If fictitious sweets are to be bitten, take them bigger and still bigger. What worth meagerness in fiction world!


Common people call those living in the cremation ground as Aghhori or Kapalic and make frightful ideas and fear them. Some so called yogis wander with a human skull, take their food from it and call themselves Kapalik. Now let us ponder over what a yogi has to say in this regard.

Smashan (Cremation ground) and Sushumna are synonymous words hence a yogi whose sushumna has opened is established in sushumna and is therefore said to be staying in cremation ground, and a yogi whose tongue is admitted into the cavity of skull while in khechari mudra and is tasting those fluids which are secreted due to interaction of skull and tongue will be called as Kapalik. Hence, one who has accomplished khechari mudra and has awakened sushumna can be called as Aghori in the real sense.

It is said that Aghoris propitiate souls. Real import of this is that a yogi who has attained such level realizes his soul and after self-realization he can realize the mysteries of subtle world by means of his own soul.


The prana, which resides in sushumna is termed as Atreya. A yogi who has attained relation with prana prevailing at sushumna can only get the blessings of Mahaguru Dattatreya.


Whatever happened so far could never come to fore exactly as it happened; because what we call as history is nothing but an effort of adoring the contemporary ruler to a certain extent. If we were to be able to look at history as it happened without any prejudice, perhaps we would not tolerate having any relation with it.


People waste their time in discussing the splendor of past or in making conceptions of the future. Very few people possess the proficiency of living up the moment of present.


Avarice gives us the strength to hold on to an object of desire.


To be emotional is a great virtue, but there is no vice comparable with unrestrained emotions.


What is life?  Like a bubble of time flowing somewhere in the flow of time.


After getting installed as dignitary a person rises above the feelings of honor and dishonor. It somebody abuses a person who has earned real dignity, then the abuser feels himself abused.


The moment a person is completely depleted of his yearning for dignity, dignity in its totality solicits such person form that same moment.


Those who consider merely earning for livelihood as work pass away their life by remaining a worker. Those who endeavor to know Brahma become knower.


When a person begins to understand himself very well he becomes mature with the capacity to understand others. A person advances towards understanding himself through the medium of others.


A person leaves his footprints on the sands of time by means of his expressions.


Greatness is the consequence of proceeding ahead by breaking one’s limitations, which others in the society restrict by calling such person a “mahatma”


Ornamental praise complemented by others is the best means of restricting the personality of any person from evolving.


While being limited in one’s limitations, one becomes so much adept with his limitations that he no longer feels his limits to be limits at all. And he becomes restless even with the thought of becoming unlimited. At the root of ambition of progressing beyond limitations is hidden a strong adventurous personality.


Initially a person having ambition of crossing over his limits gets to know his limitations one by one and when he crosses over these limits he is introduced to larger and still larger limitations much in the some manner as a person continues to advance farther and still farther in an endeavor to touch horizon.


It makes no difference as to what misfortunes we suffered. While selecting the right path for our life tears, obstacles illusions of joy, everything disappears without leaving any mark and a person who pours his heart upon some pages of paper along the impassable path of journey of life be certain that he surely will leave his footprints. Perhaps the meaning of life is implied only in leaving footprints.


Pain of not getting success causes disinterest from life to many people. But they should understand that although they were not successful in what they desired to do, but success her fully embraced them in becoming unsuccessful. They have been fully successful in scoring various kinds of failures in life.


Those who are habitual of lying buried in the darkness of ignorance and feel comfortable like that are scared of the intensity of brilliance of knowledge and cannot bear with it.


Only a person who explodes the myth of protection of home and comes out in the open can earn strong self-confidence much like a bird who abandons the nest of his progenitors and flies high in the open sky. He develops confidence in the strength of his wings, and this confidence alone becomes a foundation stone of his self-confidence which prompts him that he is at liberty to fly at his will in this expansive sky. Though pleasant warmth of the nest, which he left pulls him backwards, but when he has already challenged himself to touch the infinite sky, what remains for him is only to fly faster and still faster, higher and still higher.


Those who have accepted the challenge of realizing their strength while facing this challenge, leave behind their foot prints upon the sands of time, while living their life in entirety, later when they aren’t here, but are elsewhere, and when they look behind perhaps they find that the world while observing the footprints that they have left behind, which they had imprinted at some point of the flow of time, is speechless and is thinking about those who left these footprints, who are though not present, but yet are being remembered for what they have left behind.


Only after tasting position can one realize the value of nectar.


Paths never allow those who traverse upon them to become slack. No sooner than the traveler buries himself in thoughts, an abstractive stroke alerts him to tread alertly towards his goal.


Future is what but an expansion of present.



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