Vivekananda Swami

Vivekananda Swami (pseudonym, the real name is Narendtanath Datta) (1863 – 1902) – a Hindu philosopher and public person, the chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Following his guru, Vivekananda asserted that “God is one, only the names are different. Some call Him by the name of Allah, some God, some Brahman, others Kali, others Rama, Hari, Jesus, Buddha”. Besides Vivekananda said that Ramakrishna had taught him one important thing — “Jiva is Shiva”. I.e. every living being is divine in itself. Vivekananda believed that a truly enlightened person seeks more after other people’s liberation, rather than his own. In 1897 he founded Ramakrishna Mission – a non-governmental organization, well-known for its philanthropic, educational and cultural activities all over the world.